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Friday, December 27, 2013

Classy Purple Latex Blouse

After the trip in Greece with Sebastian for few months I didn't have the chance to wear much latex...only the cardigan and the skirt he gave me as a present for working with him but I already shared the pics I took with them in my previous post. I wasn't very popular as a model then (winter/spring 2012) and I have decided to focus on my main job which is being a make-up artist. I have noticed that whenever you put all of your effort and passion in one thing - you succeed. So my make-up career was going really well then, I won many make-up competitions, got noticed by many people and I was feeling my best. Now I realise that because of the latex modelling thing I have neglected my makeup work and I am not feeling my best anymore. That's why I have many old photoshoots to share with you but not that many new ones. I hope you understand.
If you are interested in seeing my "other" work you can check out my makeup/photography blog: http://www.merilyngrim.com/

However the stories in this blog come in the order they happened :) 

The photos from my previous post as well as the ones in this post are taken in April 2012.
I was in a really weird mood the day we did this shoot. I decided to stop talking and pretend to be a cat and speak cat language to Sebastian. That must have been very annoying but as a good gentleman he didn't say anything. I can be a pain in the ass sometimes...very often :)
It was still quite cold outside so we only shot indoors again. Unfortunatelly we didn't have a nice location and we had no idea how to work with the studio lights so the photos are not so impressive. However the outfit is really nice so I will share the pics with you although I don't like them at all :)
When I saw this beautiful purple latex blouse I fell in love with it! My favorite colours are red, purple and white and Sebastian has very few things in these colours. Thanks to Sebastian I have started to like all latex colours though...I even like the ones he doesn't like haha :) Of course the colour isn't the only special thing about this blouse. It is very classy and in a style that is unusual for latex garments. Sebastian's main objective when it comes to making latex clothes is to make them stylish, classy and at the same time sexy but with as less bare skin showing as possible.

Meow :)

The next day we did a very fun photoshoot that I can't share many photos of but I will still share some of my favorites :) It was cold again but I didn't care and we went to the park nearby for a walk and also to take some pics. I got the chance to wear the awesome latex jeans plus a very cute latex t-shirt. The people in the park loved the look since it was really cute and innocent in a way. There are always people who laugh and say bad things though but who cares :) Some people say that latex will never be mainstream and it will never be accepted by the vanilla people but why not if the outfits look like this? I have many vanilla friends who like how it looks and want to try latex because they've seen it on me. If leather is accepted why not latex? I see everyday women wearing leather jackets or trousers and no one cares. So what's the big deal about latex? Is the problem that it is skin-tight? Or is it the smell or the fact that it is shiny? Tell me your opinion, I'd love to know what you think!

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  1. Mery,

    Your story was wonderful!! Thank you for taking the time to write it.

    You really need to speak your cat language in the next video you make.

    I think the big deal with latex is that most vanilla people do not realize it can be made into clothes. They think it is only condoms and clothes. I have heard people call Catwoman's costume from Batman leather (I kindly corrected them).The other vanilla people who know it can be clothes associate it with sex/bdsm/dungeons/etc/ BUT, you can change it. You can change all of their minds!! You can be a latex ambassador for all the vanilla folks. Your blue/blue outfit is so cute and simple everyone can love it. Showing people a latex outfit like that would be really effective.

    You are wonderful, you are classy, you are loved, and you are appreciated. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

    1. Catwoman costume from Batman movie is definitely leather.

  2. :) Wow :) I just shared it and you already wrote a comment :) How sweet! Thank you ♥
    Haha my cat language is annoying :D I actually have few funny videos working out in this outfit...forgot to include that in the story... it was a crazy day :)

    Yes...you are right but maybe I can help people change their minds...maybe not :) I will do my best :)

    Thank you for the support dear ♥ Means the world to me ♥

    1. Well, at the risk of sounding crazy, I have your blog set to my homepage on my phones web browser. I like opening up to your work first thing.

    2. Wow...that's the sweetest thing ♥ Touched my heart ♥ I appreciate it!

  3. As always M'Lady, the pictures are absolutely stunning. However, as much as I enjoy them, I enjoy reading your blogs and getting to know the person underneath the latex. As for my opinion on latex fashions, it will be accepted soon. I remember when platform shoes were only thought of as footwear for strippers and prostitutes. When the Hollywood elite started wearing them, they became accepted as the norm. The same went for thigh high boots. Latex's time is coming and we will remember who first started it's path to acceptance: Marilyn Yusuf. Thank you for being a gorgeous ambassador.

    1. :) Yes, I think so too! However it will be a slow process :)

  4. yes, Ambassador, marilyn yusf.. has a great ring, to it .. like the YJB ^ above said, latex has an image, that it can only be worn , at fetish party's , or its only sexy, clothes and not main stream/ high street clothes that you can pick up. and some price's are expensive , but you do get what you pay for. when you see people , walking about in leggings , what is the difference.. and the latex jeans, and tee shirt top, and all the other gorgeous clothes, you have worn, then it stands out as great/casual everyday out fits, and you have to look after "Normal clothes", as much as you do latex ..
    oh and more cat speech please.. we so much appreciate all of your work, with all of designer of all your great outfit..
    Thank You , Love You .. XX

    1. Yes...it is quite pricy indeed...
      But I don't see anything wrong with the material itself so I am sure it will become more and more accepted :)
      Thanks dear...I love cats and I am very often making funny noises pretending to be a cat...it is not always the nicest thing to hear though haha

  5. personally I prefer latex to leather although each has such a sexy look Im sure latex next to the skin must feel awsome and now all the really clever designers are making such magnificent items combined with colour makes you ladies even more sexier then you feel...........Wow Mery amazing as always

  6. Another one Marilyn, great as usual.

    Hm, I would love to see you speak cat in a video. It would be funny, and a turn on probably. I can picture Sebastian like this -_- the entire time, with a few smiles. Love the blouse, it's classy. The ruffle thing at the neck, reminds me of the olden styles, how shirts use to have those ruffle things. Shiny, fit, and elegant.

    I was curious about the Mickey Mouse latex shirt. It's cute, and you pull off the innocent look in it too perfectly! Did anyone poke fun at you in latex in the park and said bad things? I don't see why, I guess people want to get drop kicked in public? Oh, and why you say you can't share many photos from the shoot? Trying to keep it short, again? :/

    Those latex jeans. I know you're not one to get explicit, butt, um I mean but. You know you like to tease your fans, huh. Those rear end, um, rear shots on the balcony. Perfect bubble butt (YEAH *Spongebob voice*). I swear, it makes you at least want to rub on it, and one grope but slow rubs. *thumbs up*

    I do agree, that latex will be popular in the future. It's already, as some fashion designers are using the material for outfits and such. I seen Miley Cyrus latex out for an interview on some show, didn't watch it but I saw pics. People will always have their opinions on things, but I don't get why latex is somewhat uneasy to others? Is it because it's rubber, what's wrong with that - women, and some men walk around in leather pants. There's been plenty of things in the world of clothing that's came out, wasn't excepted until certain reasoning made it acceptable. In my opinion, just do you Marilyn.

    Yes, you will make an impact on others opinions and views on latex. There will be pinheads too, but there's nothing you can do about them. Just ignore them, because ONE, you're smarter and better educated and TWO, just know that they struggle with the simplest tasks...like wiping their own asses, and if you ask one what's 2+2 they'll say "Moo".

    Latex is different and is in its own league. Soon, people will come to realize this. Minus the pinheads but a non-factor! Being skintight is good, you don't want it too loose. Shiny is what really gets the attraction, as people like shiny things, and in a way it's a turn on and sexy, especially how it creases when women move in it, plus the sound. And the smell, I'm not familiar with that but I bet it's good to those who love to wear it, how does it smell by the way, can't be bad - people love the smell of gasoline, and other things too.

    Can't wait for the next post Mari!

    P.S. You should speak a little cat in your interview when you do it :D people might faint!

    1. Thanks dear ♥

      Sebastian found it funny at first but it wasn't funny when I was really not replying in human language and was trying to sort the things out and I wasn't very helpful :D

      I am trying to be careful with the pics because of copyright reasons.

      :) :) :)

      Yes! Latex will slowly become more and more mainstream :)

      Ah...I am too shy to do the cat thing if I am not in a weird mood haha

      Thanks for the support again ♥

    2. we would all love to hear it ... meow !!!

    3. No problem Mari, anytime & always! :)

      You doing Cat when trying to sort things out. It's still funny and cute. Add cat ears, and a catsuit and those high heel pumps and no matter what. Men will be caught in your cuteness like :O with drool flowing.

      Copyright issues? I mean, you're the model and your name is watermarked in the pictures. I don't see the issue, and the photographer/Sebastian doesn't either. Or is it the site and their rules?

      Good night over in Sofia! :)

  7. Виж латексът е уникален тип облекло. Не съм имал възможността да го пробвам, но адски много ми харесва. Както каза колегата по-горе, ти си нашия посланик да бъде приет този вид облекло. Ти доказваш, че латексът не е просто облекло, което да се използва в интимните отношения между половете (независимо дали са хетеро или хомосексуални). Но пък ако стане "maintream" (не се сещам как беше българския еквивалент хахаха) ние няма да можем да показваме нашата същност. Ех каква дилема.
    Напред и нагоре Мери ! Ние сме с теб !

    1. Няма да можем да показваме нашата същност?!? Че това да не е парад :) Важно е как се чувстваш :)

  8. Superb purple latex blouse, you look really lovely in it Marilyn.
    As for the blue latex jeans what can one say? Superb fit and they show off your bottom rather well, if I may be so bold :)
    The trouble with latex is 99% of the images of women wearing latex are more pornographic than anything else. So this is the way a lot of people see anyone wearing latex as pornographic sadly.
    You on the other hand Marilyn have taken latex clothes into another realm I believe.
    Leather on the other hand seems to be quite acceptable, perhaps the likes of Marianne Faithful, in Girl on a Motorcycle, and Diana Rigg, in The Avengers and plenty of others along with many women seen wearing leather trousers helped? The Girl on a Motorcycle was also know as 'naked under leather.' Perhaps it should be remade with the girl wearing a latex catsuit under her all-in-one leather outfit? :)

    1. :) I don't accept leather so I hope latex will be the new leather for people

    2. I agree with you about leather and yes it would be nice if latex was to become more acceptable. If you keep up the good work perhaps it will :)

  9. Hey.I really Love these pics especially Latex jeans and cute t-shirt.
    I have to say that,You're so hot these latex jeans and t-shirt :)
    You're the best Marilyn
    Happy New Year to you :)

  10. People don't know that latex is vegetarian/vegan!

    Well, personally I think latex should not become mainstream, or it will lose it's charm. But of course this does not excuse hostility.

    And about difference people treat you when you are with Sebastian... I think people can accept much more if you are with photographer — they will think you are just working, for a fashion. So photographer (or team) is the key!

    1. Sebastian is not a photographer and I didn't say we were doing photoshoots at that time.
      Anyway, I think it will not lose its charm because if you like it you just like it,

  11. I really enjoy your blog. The balloon tits are horrible on you. Your natural bust is perfect.The ballet boots are nice though.
    German is hard, but if you know English, Bulgarian, and Turkish, it shouldn't be difficult for you.

  12. It's great when you've got things right school. There's been a bit of longing for your great pictures while watching.

    There are plenty of pictures and beautiful pictures of you and videos.

    Marilyn, latex is like a second skin to you, that's why they are so beautiful.

    All the best to you in hopes ike a long hug with

  13. hello stunning Marilyn!! I look at the post where you wear a hood, it complement ur latex need soooooo good!! U lock amazing in hood so more posts with hoods ;) kisses!

    larshansson81 at yahooo

  14. I love you Marilyn. Why cant people accept latex? They accept tight leather pants as well as tight yoga pants that women wear all day everyday. So what is the big deal latex should be accepted. I personally think it is beautiful as are you. Please don't take your blog down ever ever

  15. Where did you get the Mickey T-shirt?!!! That’s a must have.