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Friday, December 13, 2013

First Time Wearing Latex Catsuit and Ballet Heels

  About 2 years ago I didn't know what a catsuit is...when Sebastian asked me if I have ever tried one I thought he is talking about a cat costume. I said "No" and he explained that it is very difficult to put it on and it is quite a special feeling to wear it and stuff like that and that confused me even more "A cat costume that is very difficult to put on?!? Isn't it just cat ears and a tale?!?". Of course to help me understand better he showed me the catsuit that I was going to wear. For some reason he saved it for the last day and I was really excited to finally get to wear it! Unfortunatelly the catsuit wasn't fitting perfectly but it still looked good. As soon as I put it on and saw myself I loved it. There is always something special about wearing a catsuit :)
  But this wasn't the only new experience that I had...the other one was equally exciting! Seeing and wearing ballet boots for the first time! Wow! :) To be honest at first I wasn't sure about it. I thought it is a bit too much fetish for a girl like me but now I love ballet heels! I don't have a pair yet but I am planning on getting one soon.
 People always ask me if I can walk in ballet heels...um...not really :) I can stand and I can make few steps but they are just way too painful for me. I have a short video in which I am trying to walk in ballet heels but it is more funny than elegant or sexy haha :)
  Since this was going to be a very special photoshoot I asked a friend of mine who is a great photographer to do it. He was quite curious about it but what he thought we want was a bit different than what we actually wanted. What me and Sebastian wanted was a slightly more fashionable and classy approach but the phootographer was prepared for something super kinky :)
 What was interesting that day was that Sebastian and I did the shoot of my previous post in the morning and then went straight to the studio of my friend while I was still wearing that awesome black latex outfit. I didn't have any normal clothes with me so I had no choice but to wear only latex all day...I didn't mind :)
 So here are my first photo in a catsuit:

 To make it more interesting we decided to add a lovely, slightly casual red latex cardigan :) I really loved that look...

 BUT this is not all! :) This was not the only catsuit that I had to wear that day...Sebastian had something else in mind too. He asked me if I would like to try torpedo tits. I was like "WHAT?*&(&*^&*&%$%#%@#$%??????" but I said "OK"! I had no idea what it was...but he showed me and I thought it's interesting so here is the result:

Please respect the fact that these photos are copyrighted and you are not allowed to use them without giving credit to me, Sebastian Cauchos and the photographer who in this case is Rosen Vasilev http://rosenvasilev.com/home/

If you haven't seen the backstage video of this shoot check it out:

After the shoot I was quite tired so I had to take my time to relax on the sofa...I have a funny picture of that:
I left the studio wearing the red latex cardigan and the skirt from my previous post and I was too tired and I don't look my best but here are some photos anyway:

Ahhh...I have so many more photos and stories to share with you! :) Thank you for your feedback and support! ♥

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  1. Must of been quite the experience for you that day. The catsuit is nice. Might of been a bit small for you, but hey, you said like things tight/tighter. The ballet boots are killer, literally! They do look good, but must be hell trying to walk in!? Unless you have ballet experience, it should be headed not to, unless you're willing. I bet your feet hurt too. :P

    Torpedo tits, that's the name. "Man the torpedo's". *Freddy voice* That's something different, isn't that consider heavy rubber? You in ballet boots, trying to walk....good god. Be careful, and no slick surfaces! You do look amazing in them, I'd gave you a foot massage right afterwards. If I may, you should get a transparent pair that shows how your feet are on the inside of the shoes, one heck of vertical angle!

    You in latex all day. That would be cool to witness. Turning heads constantly, I sworn I seen someone crack their neck in your video. ;) I would of most likely. I'll buy you a pair of ballet boots too when I get the chance, might send a transparent pair I seen off of YouTube. Anyways, you look amazing as always Marilyn! Can't wait for the next post, and by the way, how was your day today?

    1. It wasn't really too small...it was just not right but it is not too obvious :)
      The second catsuit has way way toooo long legs for me and it was almost impossible to make it look ok :) Indeed it is hell trying to walk in them :)

      Heavy rubber is usually when there is also a mask...but I am not all that educated in this so I can't say too much :)
      Transparent ballet heels?! That won't look very nice :D
      My day was OK, I took my mother to the cinema to watch a Disney movie hahaha

    2. Oh, well you couldn't tell no way. I can picture Sebastian trying to help you walk in them, and in moments you're making expression showing that it slightly hurts. While you're friend, the photographer is probably had this expression. 0.o Thinking, why would you want to walk in those?

      I'd like to see some other fetish ideas come to play with your modeling. You might try it, but probably won't like it. Like mild bondage, with you trying to do some regular things, that would be cute. Why you say transparent ballet heels wouldn't look very nice. I find them attractive, they would look perfect on your feet. You don't even have to walk.

      That Frozen movie, Disney always coming up with new ideas and breaking ground here and there. It's the first movie where they introduce two princess. One is good - the other is evil, from what I remember. Nothing wrong with seeing a Disney movie. Adults outnumber the kids within the theater for them. Was it subbed in Bulgarian, or in English with Bulgarian sub titles?

    3. Yes, this is kinda what happened :D

      I am not into bondage for shoots it is just not my style...

      Yep, that's the movie! :) I expected it to be different but it was really more for kids...too much singing.. it was translated in Bulgarian with no subtitles :)

  2. Мери Маус, ;)
    Следващия път, когато се срещнем, Обещавам ви, че и двамата могат да носят catsuit и балетни токчета заедно и да получите някои снимки, направени. ;)

  3. Another wonderful post, Marilyn!

    A latex cat costumer? That would be nice to see someone make for you. Must of been a bit difficult to put the catsuit on. You should do that one day if you have time and the chance, wear a catsuit with ears. ;) Meow. Looking like a secret agent. Those ballet boots are cute, but looks dangerous!

    I bet your friend was too excited to do the shoot. I would be too! You're in latex, and a ground breaking model. Who wouldn't want to help you. Nothing wrong with the shoot being somewhat kinky. You have the power to turn him on, haha. Probably Sebastian too, but he's use to seeing women in latex so he's probably not vulnerable...unless it's his girlfriend or wife (if he's married).

    The red cardigan was nice. Hope you have it in your closet, for future shoots or just ordinary moments. Nice bubble butt by the way. ;) Nice and shiny, it's a tease! I can see your reactions to his request of torpedo tits. A confused look, a bit unsure, maybe some cursing since you put so many like symbols like "?*&*&".

    Those tits are in a class of their own! So much milk, Daisy the cow would be put out of business! Though, I prefer your natural tits...err, I mean breast. Walking around all day in that sexy, black latex outfit must of felt good. I see you went shopping in the beginning of the video. If I was the owner of the store, you wouldn't have to pay! Plus, the fact you didn't any other clothes to change into, haha, that made it better. :D

    "You live by the ways of latex, you die by the ways of latex". *Old Chinese man voice* Wait, that's a bit too grim. I guess you could say, if you wear latex, sometimes you have no choice but to wear it in moments. I bet the cashier was stunned! Wish we could see picks of you in the catsuit and cardigan with the pumps on, seen a glimpse in the video. The picture of you on the sofa is funny.

    "Yeah, just chilling on the couch. I'm a bit warm in this latex, sweating a little...what...stop looking at my tits!" I see you saying that.

    Working out in ballet boots. Only you could possibly do that! I know you'll get walking in those things down pat. Hope you don't fall or hurt your toes, since that's all you're walking on! Wish we could of seen you put them on. I see a lot of people are in line, wanting to see your amazing feet. I seen a picture on your Facebook page, I can understand why you're self conscious a bit due to whatever reason. BUT your feet don't look ugly, you were in a catsuit on a pink laptop, yours I suppose. :)

    They're a tease just waiting to happen. Too many guys will catcher boners. I just might too! The cardigan and pencil skirt was a nice match up too. Though, it looks like your not wearing nothing under it. :) I have a feeling a bra is under it though, but what about that skirt? ;) We're curious to know if you're naked in public beneath latex.

    Hope you have a good night over there! Santa might come down your chimney this Christmas with a pair of ballet boots. ;)

    1. Yes, I would love a catsuit with cat ears...that would be awesome :)

      My friend wasn't excited at all actually...latex is not doing anything for him...he doesn't like it :)

      Yes, I was confused and I had so many new experiences that day it was crazy :)

      I did go to a store to get some water for the shoot...it was so hot that day and in the studio it was even worse! I don't know how I managed to wear latex for so long in such hot weather.

      Haha you are funny :) It is nice you can read my expressions :)

      Wow, you know everything about me :D I completely forgot about that picture with the laptop :)

      Um...behave! ;)

      Thanks :)

  4. gorgeous pictures marilyn .. loving your post/blogs.. keep them coming

  5. Yeah, catsuit is a real funny expression... :-) I love the process in your blog. You've started wearing Latex in public and later on went into studio-environment. Most of the models (I think) develope in the way. Get in the studios and later to public or party. You`re very offensive taking your addictions outside. I understand the thrill of it. It's not a fetish in itself, it is kind of having a mission (customizing latex) ?
    The black latex catsuit looks gorgeous and the ballet heels fit very nice to it. They're all great photos. :-) I like them very much.
    I'm not really sure what's better. Photos in studios or outside. In studio means reducing all other disturbing effects, having perfect light and time to make hundreds of pics. Outside you have weather and difficult lighting and other people. But the thrill is another, haha. :-) You seem to prefer going outside... ?
    So, see you (maybe) tomorrow with another blog....

    1. I am glad you enjoy following my blog :) Yes...I guess I have started a bit differently than most models but I am different anyway so I am just trying to do my own thing :)
      I do like taking photos both inside and outside as long as I feel good and I am having fun during the shoot :)
      Thanks, Stefan!
      Greetings from me too ♥

  6. Wonderful pictures and videos, I'm enjoying them for long time. Unfortunately the pictures everywhere get smaller and smaller :(

  7. Smaller? How big do you want them :) When you click on them they seem to be big enough to me :)

  8. That ass...in that latex...I swear, I want to just stick my face in that booty! :)

    Can't wait for the next story! Yeah, forgive my comment. You're too much of tease! Are you dating, your boyfriend is lucky man! Hope you have more latex adventure coming up before the years end. And many more in 2014! Don't worry, we'll be supplying those adventure too with our amazing support for you!

  9. Another really good blog Marilyn, you are getting rather good at this :)

    Great set of photos of you in the catsuit really lovely and sexy.

    The thing I like about your work is its sexy and arty, rather than the usual latex shots you see which tend to be more pornographic and tarty.

    Which is why I think you bring respectability to wearing latex but at the same time looking very sexy but not tarty.

    You always have, when posing, a lovely demure look on your face which really works very well.

    I think you still look stunning in the last two shots where you don't think you look your best! That is also a nice outfit again looks like street wear.

    I look forward to your next blog it is all very interesting and written in a nice 'chatty' style, full marks!


    1. Yes! This is exactly how I want people to see me and remember me! Many people ask me to be a bit more daring but I don't really want to and I don't feel it is my style :)

  10. Thanks for your answer Marilyn.
    Photos were starting at 2000+Pixel. Its nothing commercial, but the wallpapers on my smartphone and desktop looks even better when you're sharp as you are. Then, dreaming is much easier, especially your make-up. Wish I have your experience and skills :).
    Greetings Julia

    1. Well, sorry about it but that's the standart for now...maybe I will upload some bigger photos in a different gallery