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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Heavy Rubber in Public

Well...maybe we went a bit too far with this one. Heavy rubber in public in Greece...maybe a bit tacky? I don't know but I know that we enjoyed it that's the only thing that matters because life is so short and unpredictable. I also know that many people don't like masks - some find it ugly, other's think it is weird. That's OK, everyone has the right to like or dislike something and to have an opinion. I personally like masks but they are not my favorite thing (unless they have kitty ears :P that's my personal fetish).

As usual the designer Sebastian Cauchos decided to check how daring I can be and he described in detail what he wants to shoot next...back then I was ready to try anything and I was a bit more easy-going, relaxed and crazy than I am now. As I already mention what we were about to do was a heavy rubber photoshoot in public. However we didn't have a location. a car and we didn't know the city very well so we decided to go to the same place from our previous photoshoot. It was about 1 km away from our hotel and I can't even describe how it felt like to walk like this in public...everybody was looking, if before people could just pass by this time they were just shocked! Many people had something to say but we didn't understand a word which was probably better for us haha :)

I have to say all that attention made me tired and moody...I also had a terrible headache because the mask was too small for me and I was not a happy bunny. It was fun but I was feeling so restricted and uncomfortable that I couldn't appreciate enough the whole situation. Why is it that sometimes when we are having the time of our lives we don't realise how great everything actually is...It is good to realise it at some point though. As we say in Bulgaria - better late than never :)

The video that I made with all of the looks that we shot in Greece got so popular and I didn't expect that at all...it got so popular that even my grandmother saw it! She was not really sure what is it all about and the only thing I remember from the things she asked is "Why is Marilyn wearing a bowl on her head?" hahaha :)
  If you haven't seen the video here is a chance: 

Another funny thing was that the location where we decided to shoot turned out to be a corthouse! The security guard saw us and he started shouting at us. I couldn't even run with the hobble skirt I was wearing! When we explained that we are just doing a personal shoot and that we are foreigners he kindly asked us to go shoot somewhere else and that is not appropriate to use the building of the courthouse for such photoshoots. Well he came too late because we took a lot of pictures there and that was enough for us :)
And here are the photos:


  1. I don't think it's tacky. It is quite out-there for a public shoot, but it does no harm so if you enjoyed it and were pleased with the results then I don't see an issue.

  2. Something I am curious about - You said in your first post that latex isn't a fetish for you, but obviously for a lot of the people who enjoy your photos and videos the interest is sexual. Especially for something like the heavy latex - I would suspect that 95% of people's interest in an outfit like that is fetishistic. How do you feel about having a lot of sexualised interest from people in something that for you is not a fetish?

    1. I do it because I like it - how people see it is not something I can control. What difference would it make if it was a fetish? Anyway, thanks for sharing your point of view.

  3. So bold and daring, you'd put some of the greatest adventurers to shame!

    When I saw the title, I admittedly remembered your video! You crossing the street, latex out from head to toe. I'd gave you a high five if I saw you, or ask for a hug so I could touch the latex. :) Those who don't understand, some might draw interest and search into latex fashion. How artsy it can be, and not just something for sexual pleasures.

    I thought the mask would of been bigger, but I see I was wrong. Still, you look amazing in it. It's different, and cool. I'd gave you something for your headache, so you would of been a happy bunny. Why was you feeling so restricted and uncomfortable, the hobble skirt? That's the icing on the cake for me, but sucks you felt that way but glad you enjoyed the experience.

    Hope the security guard apologized for shouting, hope he understood English too! Most places, they don't want such government like facilities in pictures due to security reasons. Imagining you trying to run in a hobble skirt. Good lord, I'd love to see that. I'd love to see you struggle, taking quick baby steps here and there to try and get away...it's a erection umm, I mean turn on! :)

    All the pictures are cute and great. It shows how far you're willing to go, and shows your headstrong attitude. That part about your grandma, haha. Grandparents, gotta love them. :) How's she doing too by the way?

    The last three body shots are my favorite. It displays the entire outfit perfectly. From the hat, mask, top, skirt, gloves, belt and boots. I'd love to see you dawn the hobble at least a few more times. You may hate to be restricted, but it's a good challenge of movement, to test you. As we can see your legs bulging a bit in the latex - that back shot...no comment, it explains it's self (DAT ASS)!! :)

    Can't wait for the next post. You take it easy now Marilyn.

    1. I felt restricted because the mask was too small and uncomfortable, I was wearing very high heels and the hobble skirt made me concentrate even more on every step I take...on top of that i was wearing gloves and I couldn't feel anything with my fingers...and it was cold! :D

      My granny is doing OK...we need to find her a nice man :)

      I am glad you liked the outfit and thanks for being interested in my posts...you are one of the very few who actually care to read them :)

  4. I really like the sense of adventure you have Marilyn in doing these shoots, I admire you a lot for that! A very 'plucky' young lady indeed <3
    I like the outfit, it looks rather an elegant ensemble on you. The mask looks OK as well, you'll have to get a bigger size headaches not good.
    I love the closer shots where you seem to be looking off into the distance, very nice. Lovely head to toe shots which really show the outfit off very well, and again lovely poses from you. Very sexy looking but nicely so which is your trade mark and something I admire about your photo's.
    Great video the highlight for me is where you smack your bottom, that really made me smile and made the day seem much better :-D
    You come across as a really fun young lady Marilyn :)

    1. I am glad you lke my sense of adventure :) most people think I am just a stupid, crazy girl...but if that's what makes me happy why not :)

      Thank you! :)

    2. I think the most interesting people are always a little crazy, take me I'm a little crazy as well :) Life would be very boring if people were always being correct and proper all the time. So Marilyn you keep doing what you do and enjoy life, as it can be snatched away in a blink of an eye as I know! Keep being happy :D

  5. Exactly as all the people above say.......plus you are a strong minded lady who looks a natural model who has tunnel vision who is so comfortable with her body that oozes self confidence infront of the camera .....long may it continue .....Quality ......Trev

  6. Wonderful and sexy...and a little kinky ;)

  7. Vraiment superbe.
    Serge (french island reunion)

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