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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Latex Catsuit and Ballet Boots at the Gym

Believe it or not the only 2 times in my life when I have at a gym were to film a latex workout video :)

This photoshoot was really quick...it is not a very good one but it was still fun. The lady who worked at that gym pretended that nothing unusual is happening when she saw me wearing a latex catsuit and ballet boots...it was almost as if this happens everyday...but that helped me feel more relaxed haha :)
Since this was my first time ever at a gym I was a bit lost...Sebastian couldn't help much too so we were just guessing how things work. To be honest working out in a latex catsuit is not the most comfortable thing. It would be a great pleasure for someone with a strong latex fetish but it is not for everyone. I didn't mind doing it and it was fun although the ballet boots made it extra difficult. I have a funny video of this shoot where I am trying to walk in the ballet heels...it is sad and funny at the same time haha :D Maybe I will share it in the interview video that is coming up soon.

Enjoy the holiday season ♥


  1. One of my favorite latex fantasies. Thanks!!!

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    funny pictures ! I like adding Latex to usual everyday life.
    Sorry, I haven't had much time following your blog the last days. . . Had a lot to do. :-)
    So, if you're alone at christmas and you don't celebrate it, enjoy some quiet days. Hope you'll have more snow than we here in Germany...

    1. I don't really like snow so I hope the snow goes to you in Germany hahaha :)
      Thanks! Happy holidays :)

  3. Always great Meri,
    Yeah, the lady at the gym ;) Snow here? No way! No frost in the forecast for a while ;)
    ((hugs)) Jörg

  4. I really love you and your work, would love to get the chance to meet you someday on some event. When are you in Germany the next time?

    1. :) I don't have any plans yet but if I am going to visit Germany for an event I will for sure share it here :)

    2. Glad to hear, maybe next time you can go to something in the northern parts of Germany, we also love you and your work ;)

  5. Another great post Mari.

    You working out in latex, hm? That would be fun to watch. If the catsuit doesn't make you sweaty enough, then the workout will. For those that don't understand, or hope they keep pretending like nothing is happening. I can see their expression too. A straight face, and go on about their day - like this one thug who saw Batman snooping around, and he pretended to not see anything haha.

    I thought you've been to a gym more than once. Or well, we're in the same boat. I haven't been to one either, and school doesn't count (we had a weight room with a lot of stuff for working out). Those ballet boots look to be walking hell! I seen how women toes are positioned inside, that's a breakage waiting to happen - be careful in those! I'd massage your feet after the shoot though. ;)

    You look amazing in the catsuit. And, very shiny! I hope no undergarments were worn, in the sake of being comfortable, at least. You and Sebastian are great together, hope you two can work more in the future. You're his original muse, at least to me! No other is better.

    P.S. Why is your nickname Meri, and spelled that way with an "e" instead of an "a"? Or it doesn't matter, and happy holidays! Hope you fount a present for your father. :D

    1. Haha that with Batman made me laugh :D Exactly :)

      I prefer to do my exercises at home usually...i like my privacy :D

      Well we are looking for a new muse for Sebastian but maybe we will still work together in future...

      People in Bulgaria call me Meri because my real name is Merilin but Merilin translated in English is Marilyn :) Like the Bulgarian name Georgi translated in English is George. Difficult to explain maybe...but I like Marilyn :)

  6. You are looking exceptionally fit Marilyn :)

    Great set of images all very nicely posed if I may say. Superb fit that catsuit on you even fits nicely around the neck which makes it look much better.
    The boots are superb and really finish the whole outfit off :)

    Checked my stocking this morning but Santa had not left you in it. Perhaps I have been a bit naughty? :-D

  7. Marilyn. I know as a former athlete, the latex outfit is not the best, but you can get a site look so easy. Latex is beautiful and is a delight to the eye, I love the latex and even more so when it is on top of you. beautiful good luck for the year 2014. hug, ike

  8. Oh that set is pure heaven I would so like to slowly peel your latex off place you on the gym mat and passionately make love to your incredible body ........of course then I wake up and realise heaven is a place we only go to stay ...........Oh Mery thank you !! Happy Christmas (even though its not for you ) Trev

  9. Mmm, you doing squats in that catsuit. Give a man an erection and a heart attack all at once ;)

    Nice post & pics too!