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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Marilyn in Black Shiny Latex Outfit

  Now it is time for my favorite oufit out of the ones I have shown you so far :) There is something very special about black latex! No wonder it is the favorite colour of most men. You can hardly go wrong with it and it always looks so nice and shiny! I've noticed that while most men like black latex and straight lines women like the opposite - colourful outfits with frills and bows :) Also men tend to prefer shoes without platform and most women loooove platforms( I have to admit I prefer platforms because I am very short).
  I felt very confident walking in public wearing this outfit. The interesting thing was that I only heard good comments that day from the people passing by...most of the times people say some nasty things or they just laugh. When people are not used to seeing something they tend to reject it or laugh at it or they call it weird...I have always been annoyed by this. That's why I like to wear latex in public - because the more people see something, the more they get used to it and the less they find it "weird".
  Again I had to wear those shoes from my previous post that I just don't like at all...but I hope you don't dislike them as much as I do :)

And AGAIN Sebastian thought that this is not enough! :) Hahaha
I guess this is the reason why I respect Sebastian and enjoyed working with him - he doesn't care about what people think or say - he just does whatever he wants! I have never met a person like him before...ever since I met him  I have changed so much and also my life has changed a lot. It is a good change though so I am very grateful that I met him and had the chance to work with him.

So back to the pictures - he said that it would look awesome if we combine this outfit with a headscarf. I was OK with that although it felt a bit strange doing this on the stairs of the National Bank hahaha :) I don't know why the security guy never said anything...maybe he was afraid of us haha :)

If you haven't seen the video of all the 4 outfits I presented to you in my posts so far here it is:

The next post will be all about my first studio shoot in latex and my first time wearing a catsuit and ballet boots! :) Here is a preview:



  1. Black latex looks good. Black latex when oiled up looks great. You in black latex that's shined up, good lord! Men will be irresistible to your appearance and pleas. Women will like the outfit, and probably have some interest in what is it so. Don't be surprised if you happen upon a male one day in public and he drops to his knees, haha. How would you react?

    You look sexy and classy. I know if I saw you, I'd be stuck. Probably hand over my wallet too. The heels aren't that bad. They're cute, but something about their shape. Now you have an empire of different high heels. You and Sebastian seem like good friends, besides business partners. He looks to be around the same age as you too, maybe 2-4 years older. Can't wait for the next post.

    1. Oh, oh :) Male dropping on his knees in public? Hm...I will tell him to roll over few times and bark hahaha lol I am joking...I don't know, I hope it won't happen :)
      LOL why would you hand me your wallet :) I am not a dominatrix. I don't really have an empire of different high heels...most of the shoes are not even mine...I have very few pairs of nice high heels...the fact that I am vegan and don't wear leather doesn't help me to find decent shoes :)
      Sebastian is actually about 10 years older...he is a very good guy. However we will not work together anymore most probably.

    2. Someone should test that theory. I don't know why either, maybe as compensation to touch the latex or because you deserve whatever amount I have. Hm, you as a dominatrix, that would be a sight. Fearful, but sexy, especially with your goth look. How many pair of heels do you have, us fans can change that. I forgot you were a vegan, and to most leather is a no no, it has to be difficult when shopping for shoes, though most aren't made from genuine leather, does it still matter? What about patent leather, since I don't think it's genuine either...aren't some of your heels leather? Whoa, he's in his 30's, didn't know. I'd say he looks to be in his late 20's, I hope if your schedules aren't full and he has new ideas, which he does probably about every 5 seconds, hope you two can collaborate again. If it wasn't for you two, I wouldn't of known what a Muse was, haha. You learn something new everyday!

    3. I have few pairs of daily heels that are about 12-13 cm...but I consider them too low for photoshoots. My actual pairs of heels that I can use for shoots are about 4 :) but I always use the same black shoes with red soles because they suit well with everything :)

    4. The ones with the red soles are classic! I guess anything about 13cm is good. I want to send you a pair in the future. I checked around, and I see some heels are made of PU. It has the exact feel and look of genuine leather, without an animal being slain. Here's some pic's from the website, they have some in stock and you can get a request put in for how you want them designed too.

      - http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/gallery/img_4438bcp.jpg
      - http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/gallery/pb0520bcp.jpg
      - http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/gallery/img2_0948bcp.jpg
      - http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/gallery/img2_1140bcp.jpg
      - http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/gallery/img2_1130bcp.jpg
      - http://www.orientvisual.com/6inchforever/gallery/img2_1976bcp.jpg

      The first pair is 14cm. The rest up until the last is 16cm. Now, the last one, I sent to mess with you. I think I can picture your expression too. They're 20cm, sandals, and mostly clear. Since the heels height is something you're use too, let's mess around with a minor detail. Those arches *DUN DUN DUN* especially the pair that's completely leopard print ;P

    5. :) Well I am not sure if PU is not genuine leather but I guess it is not too difficult to find out :) However I saw something on the website that sheep skin has been used for the lining or something like that...
      Anyway I am not really into leopard print but I like all the other onces :) even the last ones are not too bad although a bit too stripper-like :)

    6. HUH, sheep skin!? I will look into that more. It's hard to find heels that won't upset you, being a vegan. PU is basically polyurethane, which is a man made material. So, no animals are harmed. I'm going to send an email to the company and get more info. The last pair, that look stripper like, sent them as a joke but would look cute on you. The way some of them are arched, you're in for a challenge and treat. Still, I want to give you a pair, but I might have to check elsewhere.

    7. :) Yes. I like the way they are arched...and if they are cruelty free they will be perfect :)

  2. Fucking amazing once again!

    Forgive me, just curious. What was some of the comments people...well pinheads made about you wearing latex? I know you could careless about the negatives. I just want to know. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. You don't seem like the type to let words hurt you, maybe you'll want to choke someone but it won't hurt you.

    That latex, word's can't describe. Shiny, sexy, yet normal. I bet the bank guard was too much in a trance seeing you. Probably went home and told his wife to find an outfit like that. The heels are good, I don't see why you don't like them, is it the shape because I'll agree on that, or were they uncomfortable?

    The headscarf as an additional piece is good too. I know they're a popular fashion trend and to some it's worn due to their religion and lifestyle. Oh, what were some of the good things said that day. By men, and by women, besides a guy saying are you dating someone (are you) haha? Marilyn, you're amazing, keep doing you and if you ever feel down by comments, just remember this.

    "Somewhere in Sofia, there is a person pulling on a door that says push. Meanwhile someone is pushing on a door that says pull. And licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets."

    1. :) Well usually the bad comments are things like "look at this slut - she is crazy", "no one normal would wear that", "fucking fetishists!", "expensive hooker", "do you realise you look stupid and funny?" and the usual "are you a drag queen", "terrible", "ugly" and so on.

      I didn't like the shoes because of the shape and because they weren't high enough and I felt very short and fat :D

      I don't remember exacly what the good comments were because it was more than 2 years ago but I remember that one girl said "you look great, keep it up" and another one said that I am pretty and few asked what's that material :)
      Hahah lol that person in Sofia is me :D I always do that :)

    2. Wow. People can be so damn stupid! You're far from a slut - you're not crazy, you're ingenious - a lot of normal people would wear latex, just some are afraid too - fetishists, nothing wrong with being one, as we're all one, if you have a hobby that you're deeply in love with that counts as a fetish ;) - hooker, no, but I must say you are expensive, I'd be willing to buy anything for you and such, don't take that in the wrong way please :X - you look amazing and fabulous, it'd be funny to hang with you as we'd probably have some hilarious moments - you're a queen, their thinking process is the only thing that's a drag - terrible, I don't think so, you're terrific - ugly, have they checked the mirror lately...oh wait a minute, it shattered in split second from their overwhelming horrifying appearance.

      I knew it was the shape!! What exact height do you like your heels? Very short huh, I like short guys. You weren't fat, you look perfectly fine. You didn't have a gut, nor was your limbs thick. Nothing wrong with a few pounds, you were still fit. Compared to yourself now, you were fun sized a few years ago.

      Well, you've seen my comment. I could come up with more, but less is more in some cases. I think we all did the opposite to how a door actually opens. Remember, if we're given an opportunity to visit other planets. Do not lick the doorknobs, it's illegal. As told by Spongebob Squarepants. You do look good, in latex or anything else, keep it up Marilyn!

    3. Hahaha you are funny :)
      I don't remembe rthe exact height of the heels...
      Thanks for the support dear ♥

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    I like your blog very much. I've been following you on facebook for a long time. To read your experiences with latex more detailed is very interesting.
    I'm fascinated by latex for many years, most of this time by pictures. Since the last three years, I started wearing it by myself. At least sometimes in public.
    I love the reactions of others, irritated and interested.
    So, keep on doing your really good work. I'm curious about the things to come...

    1. :) Hey Stefan! Thanks for the kind comment and I am very glad to know you like my blog! It is great that you are brave enough to wear latex in public and you are enjoying it! Keep it up! :)
      I like blogging very much and I will try to post as often as I can :)

  4. have to agree when it comes to the black latexthought. but when it somes to these. I dont know but I just love the combination with the hijab. Its just stunning.

    1. :) Hm...didn't expect that people will like the hijab so much :)

  5. That latex outfit. Yummy, like many others! So shiny, I bet it felt amazing on your bare skin. All your rubber outfits are cute and great. This, is one of my top favorites. If I saw you, I'd be stunned! You walking down the bank steps, I'd think either you're rich or worked there in a high position.

    The blouse, a nice creation. The skirt has a classy look from early to mid 1900's. Can't go wrong with lubing it either, that shine! The headscarf adds an elegant look, keeping your hair hidden and up. Then when you take it off, it all flows down. The heels are decent, they're cute but pointy!


    1. Where did you get changed at, since you wore four rubber outfits that day.
    2. Why don't you like the high heels?
    3. Was it easy to put the outfits on, or did you have to get use something so it would be easier, and if so what? I hear it's either baby powered or oil.
    4. I like the belt, why was that added into the outfit though?
    5. Would you work with Sebastian again in the future? You two make a good team, plus look like a couple xD

    1. Wow! You sure are a curious person :)
      1. I didn't wear all these outfits in the smae day :) Sebastian rented a flat in the city center so I was changing there :)
      2. The heels are way too pointy for my taste and way too low too :)
      3. Sebastian always uses baby powder for his clothes but I find it easier sometimes to use silicone oil
      4. The blouse was too wide on the waistline :)
      5. Sebastian is great but we have decided not to work together anymore and we are just friends now :)

    2. Thanks for the reply. I'm think of making a blogger just so I can follow you!

      Hope you two had fun together, seeing these pictures and remember what you said. I forgot it was back in 2011. I see he took you out to dinner too after shoots on his page. What a gentlemen (thumbs up), hope it wasn't hard to find a good place for vegans. Mm, an oily and slippery Marilyn. That I would pay hundreds of thousands, possibly millions to see! I was going to ask when it comes down to certain outfits, do you go naked. It might be obvious with some things we saw, but...:P

    3. Yes, he is indeed a gentleman and he is a perfectionist :)
      You are not supposed to wear underwear under latex so most times I am going "naked" but sometimes I use a bra just because it makes me feel more confident :)

    4. An oily, naked Marilyn, wearing shiny black latex. Must feel really good. I wouldn't doubt if it secretly turned you on. I do know that it's highly required to be naked, but can wear underwear and garments if you want. I know you're confident, but to be nearly 90% naked in public. That's beyond confidence, you're almighty! It's more a turn on for me too *looks down* it's under control down there. I wish I could at least know how it felt, if I knew or saw you, I'd asked, don't worry it'd just be your thigh. Then again, I don't want to get cursed out, slapped or literally slapped with a sexual harassment charge in another country. :)

  6. Really sexy looking Marilyn, and yes I agree with your comment "the more people see something, the more they get used to it and the less they find it "weird".
    I see nothing wrong with the outfit you are wearing and don't see why if you were to wear that into a bar, restaurant or theatre why anyone should find it "weird" or wrong in anyway. The daft thing is you see girls wearing some really inappropriate outfits but these are tolerated?
    I think the outfits you wear in public and the videos you have made will hopefully help change peoples opinions. You are lifting latex from something people 'snigger' at to, in my mind, haute couture. Keep up the good work <3 :)

    1. Thanks Philip! :)
      Yes, the clothes that I have showed so far (without the hobble skirt and the hood) are good outfits to go to bar or just outside :) There is nothing wrong with them and they are very pretty :) At the end of the day it is all a matter of taste

  7. You look so beatiful with yellow headscarf, I think you have to wear hijab more! Daha çok türbanlı giysi istiyoruz, Türkiye'den selamlar!

  8. I don't see how people think wearing latex is weird? A lot of people are wearing it. Celebrities for instant like Katy Perry, I think she's developed a fetish for latex, and many others. It's cool that you're trying to change the opinions of others on clothing they don't understand. Yes, latex is sexy, and can be innovated into regular clothing, as seen by you and your style. The day people grow more to it, and actually begin to more, I'm a always credit you are the originator!

    I can see from the haters view point a bit. I don't agree with them, and I'm not siding with them. Those who know about latex and fetish a bit, probably think it's only good to be worn when people are getting freaky. Nothing wrong with wearing it and getting freaky behind closed doors, but latex is a material. That material can be crafted into articles of clothing to be worn in your everyday life. If that was the case, they would be saying the same thing about leather pants, skirts, dresses, and more!

    Marilyn, you're ahead of our time. Never let your passion die out due to idiots walking around. Move forward, as your career is steady developing. Those same people who don't understand and make foul comments. Will be the same people buying your clothing in the future. Asking does this make my butt look big, etc. Anyways, take care, can't wait for the next post and so forth.

    1. :) Well it is one thing celebrities to wear it on stage but wearing it in your daily life is rarely seen and it is not really all that well-accepted.
      Thanks for the comment :)

    2. I don't see why? Latex is a material, like so many others. It can be tailored and made into clothing. I'll admit, some people might be a little confused to what it is. Not knowing that it's latex, but it's not you're wearing an outfit exposing your breast, butt, or kitty. You wear it with class, and bring a new meaning to latex fashion. Yet, some women walk around in skimpy outfits, and others don't say shit...it's not well accepted because they don't understand, and shun things without at least getting to know the facts.

      Then again, screw them! When latex becomes even bigger, everyone will at least know who helped get it to be a well known thing. Marilyn Yusuf, that's right. ;) We'll soon be asking for your autograph and pictures with you, and afraid of your security team. You look good in latex, and if you're enjoying yourself. That's all that matters.

    3. :) Well...it is because latex has bad reputation and people think it can only be used as role play costume :)

    4. Now, I would love to see you in a latex costume, roleplaying with me and all. Haha, or just acting out a scene. I don't get why it has a bad reputations.

  9. I agree with you, those are not the best shoes. Anyway you looked so gorgeous. And you have an admirable pretty face. I'd like to see this outfit with the kind of shoes you'd like to wear instead.

  10. Marilyn you are Beautyful in the rubber

  11. Do you like the catsuit integrated