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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Marilyn Wearing Latex Jeans in Greece

  In the previous posts I introduced you to my first latex experiences. Me and Sebastian Cauchos had so much fun and great times during his first trip to Bulgaria that just 2 months later he came back but this time we decided to change location and to go to Greece :) It was late November so it was really cold in Bulgaria and we thought Greece will be a bit warmer and we'll be able to shoot more outside...however Greece was not warm at all! The cold weather couldn't kill our enthusiasm though! We had so many amazing outfits and not enough time to shoot with everything but we had to give it a try.
 We went to Thessaloniki! Great place! We were so ready to rock the city but I am not sure if the city was ready for us. We did so many things, we shocked so many people and we so didn't care about what people might think. I am sure that the people who work in the hotel where we stayed still remember us and from time to time talk about us. They thought that I am a very famous actress who is wearing strange costumes. When I told them that I am not a famous actress they thought we are just crazy and they weren't very happy that we are staying there but they couldn't do anything about it. It was a really big advantage that both me and Sebastian didn't understand much Greek so we had no idea what people say about us or to us. During our outdoor photoshoots some very angry people shouted at us in Greek...it was great not knowing what they are saying hahaha :)
 The first latex outfit that I wore during our stay in Thessaloniki is one of the most popular outfits that I have ever worn. Especially the trousers that look like jeans! How cool is that, huh? :) One of the photos that Sebastian took of the "back pockets" got veeery popular on the internet! It is currently on many, many websites and pages and most people don't even know that I am the "model" :) This is the photo I am talking about:
I have to say I love these latex jeans! Everyone asks where they can buy the same...I would buy them too but I am afraid Sebastian is not really into taking orders...but you can try to convince him :)
 I felt amazing in this outfit...it is kind of a casual look but in latex. This is so typical for Sebastian's style :) He likes to make latex clothes that are similar to the normal daily clothes. I guess this is what makes his creations so special :)

Here are some pictures before the actual photoshoot:

And then we went outside to shoot and it was cold! My nose was running, my hands were freezing but I was excited! We had no idea where to shoot so we just walked to the city center...many people saw me like this and some evene stopped us to talk to us...some guys said I look like Beyonce(WHAT?!?) haha :) But you see it is a decent outfit so most people liked it...I think....

It was such an exciting day :) If you haven't seen the video featuring all of the outfits I wore during that trip check it out:

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  1. You and Sebastian are the dynamic duo of latex! Sucks it wasn't warmer in Greece...damn global warming. Glad it didn't kill you twos interest. Over there you gotta pinheads running around, glad you two ignored them. You should of played along with them thinking you were an actress haha. Or tell them you're a famous model, which you are.

    I don't see why there wouldn't be happy. Maybe because they have a crappy job, but just because you two are there, with latex? Ah, forget them. I do wonder what they shouted though, but it's not like you two were causing trouble over there. I'm kind of loosing faith in the Greeks, but it seems like the idiots come out in cold weather.

    Latex jeans, I won't be surpised if those start trending amongst women! Men, no, I hope not. If leather jogging pants can change the industry, then latex jean will do twice as better, if not higher! No wonder the image got popular! Look at that ass! I mean those cheeks, err, buns...I mean back pockets, okay and that ass! :D

    I understand why Sebastian doesn't sell his items. Yes, it would be good revenue for him. His rubber attires could shake the fashion world up and take it by storm. Though, in processes like that your passion dies and it's not fun nor longer a hobby. I don't see why you'd buy a pair, you should get them for free! Your his muse, muse's get free clothing, I'd probably have your closet packed with my creations.

    The first two pics from behind the scenes. Shows how natural you are. Beautiful without make up, with a natural personality. Gotta love a woman who has a silly side. Your nose was running, haha, I got some tissue for you. I hope he did too, and a jacket. You look like Beyonce, haha. She's overrated in my opinion, you look better, and is down to earth...she probably has her ways if your around her for so long, aka, Rich People Problems.

    I seen the video before, I seen all your videos. Waiting to see more too! When I came to the end of the post. I was like, "NO! MORE!" Can't wait for that one. Hope you didn't catch a cold either.

    1. Yeah...back then I wasn't a popular model at all :)

      Well they just thought we are crazy and weird :)

      Ha, thanks :)

      I love Beyonce but I know that I don't look like her :) Thanks for the kind words though.

      :) It is so sweet that you've seen all of my videos! ♥ thanks for support ♥

  2. Kitten you know I gotta say it, I have to ;)

    I worship your ass, it deserves to be worshipped! it must be worshipped!!.

    In that TIGHT latex you command respect and Dominate so easily x

  3. when you say about "THAT PICTURE" , if i see it, on some web site, i put your name to it, every time. with it being cold, at least you do not get to hot in your latex, except for looking like a million degrees super hot ...i must also put Sebastian Cauchos name to his super outfits as well.
    more please... [ message for Sebastian Cauchos . Please put more of your latex on this gorgeous lady .... thank you

    1. Thank you for doing that :)
      Sebastian has a new muse now :)

  4. Yep "Anonymous" your words are so true.... Seb was prepared to make the same raincoat Mery wears in her vids but the cost was a little too expensive but he is a top man........Well now Mery what can one say about you ....you make such a classy latex model because your figure is perfection personified you look amazingly happy in everything you do I get so much pleasure from you because of everything you do thank you Trev

  5. You have the sexiest rear I have ever seen Marilyn.
    Lovely outfit and a great story thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading it, Philip and thanks for the support ♥

  6. Those latex jeans - wish we could see more of you in them. You look very sexy in them! Makes me want to just lay my face in that booty as if it were a cushion. :)

  7. Hey.i love these pics
    Where do you buy these clothes
    I really like when you use latex clothes in public :)
    You're my favourite latex model :)
    I love you Marilyn :)
    Greetings from Finland

    1. That's sweet :) If you have read the stories on my blog you would know that these clothes are made by Sebastian Cauchos :) I don't buy them and I don't own them. I just model in them and unfortunatelly they are currently not for sale.

  8. Would it be weird to want to see you workout in these latex jeans? ;)

  9. I love you so much! Marilyn! :) You are so sweet!

  10. You are so amazing!!

    I think this is the best outfit ever!
    Its so simple but i love those latex jeans they are suiting you so perfectly.
    i think i'm in love *-*
    It would be amazing if you could wear an outfit like this again!
    Thank you so much for these beutifull pictures!

  11. You are amazing! I would like to get to know you. Would you conceder going on a date with me?

  12. Just discovered you! Your command of English is wonderful, and so current. Is Sebastion your designer and fabricator of the fashions? If so, he really knows what he's doing. I wish you two well and every happiness in life. Thank you for sharing you experiences and images.

    1. Hey! Thank you! I am trying :)
      Yes, I used to work with Sebastian but not that much anymore. We were a good team though.
      I am glad that you like my work ♥ hope I can keep your interest alive :)

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