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Friday, March 21, 2014

Going to a Cafe in Latex

Time for another photoset :) 

Remember the photos from my previous post? If not - go an check them out: http://www.marilynlatex.com/2014/03/latex-jeans-and-casual-latex-top-in.html
This is the same outfit but with a latex jacket on top! I think the jacket really made the outfit look complete without making it look too fetish and still kept the whole look quite casual. 
We actually went to a cafe while I was wearing this and the fact that the outfit looks quite normal made people wonder what is going on. The people at the cafe didn't stop talking about us the whole time and it was fun to see their reactions although I didn't hear anything from what they were saying. I didn't really care  anyway because I was too busy enjoying my coconut cocktail.
However something quite sad happened when we got back to the flat...can you guess what by looking at the pics? You know that light coloured latex and metals of any kind are not friends, right? Well...unfortunatelly the lovely white latex pullover got few brown stains from the metal buttons of the jacket. Ahhh...everyone makes mistakes but at least we learn from them!

Most people say that I am a funny, happy, weird person who always smiles and makes people laugh. This is usually true but as everyone I do have my moments too... Here are some few photos to prove this. I was in pain, wasn't feeling well at all and we couldn't even do a photoshoot or go outside with this outfit. Instead I just fall asleep while I was resting.

However I felt better after the nap so I could go for a dinner wearing a stunning latex catsuit:

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  1. Really beautiful Marilyn you have made my day :) <3

  2. u r so beautiful,i love ur post! i love u XD!!!

  3. That's a lovely outfit Marilyn. It looks just so normal but must feel great wearing it :-) I especially like your latex jeans...I'd love to have a pair of my own. I can imagine doing something normal like going shopping and having people just look and wonder how I can dare to go out in such extravagant clothing, lol.

    I'm still saving for my next piece of latex clothing, BTW.



    1. Yes, I would like to have a pair of these jeans too but they are unfortunatelly not mine :) I asked Sebastian Cauchos to sell them to me but he said I should try to make them myself :D

      What latex clothing do you want to buy?

  4. You are A latex angel! You look so peaceful sleeping there.
    And this outfit Is so professionaL. You could rule A boardroom in that. Hell, You could rule the world! :)

    I Love ALL that you do

  5. gorgeous pictures , marilyn.. and even super hero's need there power naps. would have loved to have been a fly on the wall, when you were in the dinner , in the stunningly love catsuite ..

    1. Hahah a fly on the wall? Come on ;)
      Thanks for the comment :)

  6. Lovely as ever, my dear Marilyn. You should visit Facebook more so you can reply to me on there! ;p

    Fly on the wall is an expression we have here in America... it means we would have liked to have been there while you were shooting.

    1. :) I do understand the expression :) I just find it funny :D
      I am sorry if I didnt get back to u on facebook. I am trying to reply to everyone but sometimes I am just too busy and forget. so if u asked me something and didnt get reply please write again.

  7. I love it.you're so cute and hot
    Latex is the material of the future
    thanks to you :)

  8. Merci pour l'ensemble de votre oeuvre!
    Si vous ne souhaitez pas retrouver votre mésaventure de taches sur les latex de couleurs clairs, il faut supprimer tout ce qui est métallique et remplacer, par exemple, par des boutons pressions en plastique (culotte pour couche de bébé, etc.) qui sont tout aussi solides, sans pour autant offrir ces désagréments!
    Bonne continuation à vous et que la vie vous soit douce!