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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Latex Jeans and Casual Latex Top in Public

Wow, I can't believe it has been 2 months since I lasted posted something here. I have been busy with university and some other things but I am back now!

About the giveway of the latex gloves: sorry that I kept you waiting for so long! The winner is a person whose e-mails starts with zeuaya. My mother randomly selected the winner so I hope she selected someone who would really enjoy the gloves.

So let's continue with my latex adventures! Time for casual latex style! This is one of the most popular outfits I ever had the chance to wear because it looks like the clothes women wear on a daily basis but it is all latex!
Many people ask me "do you wear latex everyday?" :) I don't wear latex all the time, everyday. I wear it when the time, the weather and the moment is right for it. I can't possibly wear it when I go to university or work because I would get some serious problems(unless it is just a belt or something really small combined with normal clothes).
These photos were taken in May 2012 :) The weather was wonderful so Sebastian Cauchos (the designer) said that we should go out for a walk and he selected the perfect outfit for it. First we took some photos in the building where he was staying and then we went outside. It was a workday so there weren't that many people around. I wasn't feeling well though so we decided to go back to the flat and get some rest. Nothing exciting or interesting happened but I still loved wearing this latex outfit and I wish it was mine so I could wear it more often.
 Video with this outfit: 

 If you follow my facebook page you know that I have started working for Calmara - Fetish Girls in Public
:)  I am going to be mainly a photographer and manager but I will still keep my blog updated and will continue modelling. Me and the Calmara.com team have lined up some very exciting projects that I can't wait to share with you. I am sure you will love them :) I would love to hear your opinion and your suggestions for the website!

If you like my work and you'd like to support me here is a way:
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  1. Hello Marilyn,
    I want to tell you that you're my favorite latex model
    and I love how you move in latex.
    Oh my god you're so hot I'm lost for words to describe everything I want to tell you.
    I'm a big fan of you and always see me your videos and pictures to and stay with the mouth open.
    I wish you all the best from the whole heart and still so much happiness and your career as a latex model even more shooting in the height of your success.
    Of course, I wish you all the best in the university everything you can cope with your studies.

    with love to you and latex

    your admirer

    Lazaro A. González

    1. Thank you very much dear! Your comment just made my day ♥

  2. It was this outfitThat Made Me Realize You Were More than A Woman... You Are A Goddess!
    The Outfit Is So Simple, Yet It Is Divine. You Rock That Outfit.
    I Am So Happy Your Dreams Are Coming True. You Have Worked So Hard And Been So Focused. Calmara Just struck Gold With You. I Can't Wait To See Your Work For Them.

  3. I have to say Marilyn, that while this outfit is a most stunning and beautiful way to show off such a great body, your personality is very prominently on display. You seem to have a very tender and seductive personality, but those eyes! They are the most beautiful visual piece in your repertoire. I wish you all the best for your new FB adventure, and will start following you there too if that is ok!

    All the best to a dedicated and beautiful lady.


  4. I admire the way you look in this outfit, the fit is superb and you look really stunning. And yes they do look like everyday wear for a 'girl about town' :)
    If you can bring some of this style to the Calmara site you should be onto a winner.
    It is refreshing to find someone like yourself who comes across as well educated, beautiful and seems so very nice <3

    1. Thank you! I will sure bring some of my style to Calmara :)

  5. Your beauty is so mindblowing.

  6. Hi Marilyn,

    Your outfits are fabulous! I love the look and feel of latex and have just started to buy my own pieces. So far I've only bought a pair of disco shorts in red latex and a shaped top in black. Unfortunately, latex is SOOOO expensive that my collection might take a little while to grow ;-)

    I'd love to be a fetish model like yourself and wish you all the best with your career at Calmara.

    I'll look forward to watching your next YouTube video. Can't wait!


    1. Yes! Latex indeed is quite expensive...but you can always try to make latex clothing yourself. It is cheaper and it also boosts your confidence by making you proud of yourself :) it is a win-win situation :) The only thing is that it requires a lot of time and practice :) But if you don't have enough time or desire to make them yourself you can check out http://www.latexcatfish.com/xcart/home.php

  7. I did self job.. because you too sexy.

  8. Wow!!! Your ass in those trousers is the thing of dreams. Stunning as always.

  9. Please explain what could be the "some serious problems" that you mention in the text if you wore something to the university or to work? What legal right would anyone have to cause those problems?