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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Classy Latex Look - Blue Latex Shirt plus a Black Pencil Skirt

Designer as usual is Sebastian Cauchos...he is also the photographer :)
This is one of my least favorite photoshoots I have ever done...I don't like any of the pictures enough but decided to share them anyway :)
 These photos were taken in June 2012 :) Don't ask me what is the deal with the crazy eyelashes...I wanted to try them for a photoshoot and regreted it after seeing the outcome haha :) I know I look funny wearing them but if not else the photos will at least make you laugh. Nothing better than laughter!
 The outfit however is quite nice although the shirt is not tight enough for my taste...I prefer latex to be as tight as possible, what about you? 

As some of you know I have started working for the fetish website for girls in public Calmara.com :)
Few days ago I did my first set as a photographer for Calmara. I shot a beautiful friend of mine at a busy park. She wore a sexy shot babypink latex dress and a pair of white tight over-the-knee boots. Here is a sneak peek: 

 Soon the full set will be on the website :) There is also a cool FullHD video in which you can see the looks on the faces of the people :) 

Many of you asked to see me modelling for Calmara as well :) Well, I did it! :) The photoshoot took place in the city center of Sofia and it was really exciting. We also filmed a video which starts with me putting my latex gloves on :) I will tell you more about it soon. Here is one photo from the photoshoot:
Make sure to check Calmara.com for updates :) There are new updates twice a week! Also please if you see anyone, anywhere using content from Calmara please let me know since it is copyrighted. 

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  1. Damn, I love you! Marry me please ;-)

    1. Yeeha! You´re the best! White Latex Dress for Marriage? Would love it and you in it ;-)

  2. Perfect as always. Really love it. <3
    I see regularly Calmara material in various pages, so I will let U know.

  3. I LOVE THE EYELASHES!!!! I wish I had those!!! They are so awesome! Also I agree with you, latex should also be as tight as possible no matter what clothing piece it is. I wish i had your life! Wearing latex so much and being so beautiful!

  4. M., darling,.. now how often do I get to say that? :) I don't know if the blue is cobalt, but when you're wearing it, it has the same effect. They don't even get to the 1, of 1-2 knock out punch, & they're toast. I like what you wear in the fotos & I can't find a fault or a bad choice in any of them. I think some of the critics are just jealous and jade with envy ! lol XD wink wink & nudge nudge !!

  5. The photo's are good, but then as a model you are probably your own worst critic but I think you are being a bit harsh on yourself. The eyelashes are fun, flutter those and if men don't go weak at the knees and fall down then the draft created by them should knock them over :-D
    <3 <3 <3

  6. I wish dreams were like wishes, and wishes came true, cause in my dreams I'm always with you. Marilyn, you are so pretty in your's latex shirt and black pencil skirt ! <3

  7. calmera is lucky to have u marilyn...i will follow your posts wherever u go !

  8. Do you ever wear clothing that is NOT made of latex? If I had latex clothes I would ONLY wear those.

  9. A wonderful piece of clothing, a beautiful long black latex skirt and a blue t-shirt, great! You style is second to none and I really like it. You are so beautiful, that when your clothes are beautiful, so you have a wonderful combination of beauty. Hug. Ike

  10. Actually, the long lashes make you look a bit like one of my all-time dream girls: Veronica "Ronnie" Bennett Spector! They look delicious on you, too!

  11. How do you feel about WetLook? Walking slowly into a swimming pool all dressed up in one of your formal outfits?

  12. You look superb ... but you knew that already. It would be nice to see more of your lovely friend.