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Friday, July 11, 2014

Wearing a Plum Red Latex Catsuit in Public

A photoshoot from June 2012. I still have many old photoshoots to share here :)

Almost all latex lovers love catsuits most for one reason or another. I personally like catsuits but I equally love any other type of latex clothes.
In this post I am wearing a catsuit made by Sebastian Cauchos. As you can see it was not made to measure so it doesn't fit me perfectly. Another thing that you might notice if you follow my work is that I was a bit "bigger" back then. However I still love this catsuit, the colour is one of my favorites.
Although it is July 2014 now I still remember the day when we took these photos. It was a beautiful warm day and I was really excited to go outside dressed like this. I am usually not a confident person but in this catsuit I felt so much better about myself. We took some photos in the building where Sebastian was staying and then we went outside and walked all day in the city center of Sofia. Many people came by to ask things or just to look at me. Some of the comments were positive, others were not...I heard someone saying "f**king fetishists" :) I found it funny though, rarely someone who I don't know can hurt my feelings. When you have the courage to go outside dressed like this you have to be prepared that not everyone is going to like or accept it.
At the end of the day we went to a nice restaurant while I was still wearing the catsuit. When we entered the restaurant the people there forgot to eat or drink because they were too busy staring and trying to figure out what is going on. Eventually I realised there was another thing that kept their interest that I wasn't aware of yet. After the dinner we went back to the flat where Sebastian was staying at I noticed that the catsuit has ripped a bit on the backside where the zipper is :) I am not sure when, why or how did this happen but I am pretty sure that some of the people in the restaurant saw the view haha :)

We also filmed a quick video:

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  1. I love you so much! Want to invite you to some romantic candle light and latex dinner, too ;)

  2. What does it feel like when people stare and yell at you? I'm wanting to try a similar thing but i'm way to scared because i'm worried of what'll happen. Any advice?

    1. :) Try to wear something that looks more casual and don't go outside alone :)

  3. Heaven :) This is one of my favourite photo sets of you Marilyn, when I saw it I was hooked <3 The colour of this catsuit suits you extremely well :) I don't think it shows it was not made to measure as it shows off all your curves very well :) Sounds like you had a good time, well apart from the odd disapproval, you had a laugh as well so can't ask for much more :) Thanks for sharing your story with us Marilyn :)

  4. The only thing I'd yell is "THANK YOU!"

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  6. I am into Latex for over 15 years. Love your photo shoots, keep up your perfect work

  7. Well, I want you !!!! :)