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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Having Latex Fun in Spain

In May 2014 I went to sunny Spain to model for http://photofinca.com/ :) Most of the time I didn't model in latex but the first 2 days I had the honour to work with Cole Black for his popular website http://www.latexgirlshd.com/ so I was pretty much wearing latex aaaallll day long :) We mainly did video work rather than photos and I am really curious to see the results :) Stay tuned!
The organizer of PhotoFinca took us to many amazing locations both in Malaga and in the villages nearby. Needless to say we had great time and hopefully some great material that is on the way.
After the 2 latex days with Cole I had to model for a week for other photographers but not in latex :) However it turned out that one of them quite likes latex so we did a quick but awesome latex photoshoot.
We had a problem though! I had almost no silicone oil left so it was really difficult getting in my catsuit :) The photographer (James Bessant) was kind enough to help me so in about 20 mintues we managed to get me in the catsuit! I was already too sweaty and by the end of the photoshoot I had the feeling I am boiling in my own sweat but I am used to it and I didn't mind.
I was hoping that some from the people who follow my work with join the photographic holiday in Spain so that we can have latex shoots and a lot of fun but sadly none of you were interested enough :(
I am very grateful that I had the chance to meet and work with some very interesting and talented people. I hope I wasn't too much of a pain in the backside as I tend to be very often :)

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  1. Sounds like fun :) I would have loved to have gone to Spain to have joined in the fun, but with the ways things are at the moment I'm not venturing abroad.

  2. It is such a shame that I didn't know you were going to come to Spain because I would loved to have had a photographic session with you!! Maybe the next time you come we can make it happen

  3. Love the Red pics!!

  4. would have loved to come, and taken some photos of you, in nice shinny latex , but money is not so easy to come by , and did not know, or i had forgotten , that you were goping to do this , holiday/shoot ..
    love as always, .. xx
    when we going to see your mother on video again ????

  5. I'm 14 and I want a full latex cat suit with hood sooooooooooo badly!!!!!!!! (I also really want to wear it to school) But I don't know how to get it at my age. I'm to scared to ask my parents and they would probably say no. Any ideas?

    1. Warren,
      Buy your latex catsuit http://www.honour.co.uk/
      but maybe your parents doesn't like your fetish... :(

  6. Wau!! Beautiful!! <3 Marilyn, your red latex suit is great!!! ;)

  7. Wonderful experience, Marilyn!

    I wish you could come to the U.S. it'd be fun to hang with you, and get to know you personally. Hey, maybe one day? I swear, if I had the opportunity to help you into a catsuit for 20 minutes, I'd probably pass out from blood loss or just managing to feel you in the latex...possibly both - [looks at pants] EASY BIG FELLA', EASY!! I'm not trying to have an international lawsuit, lol.