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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Going for Ice Cream in a Classy Black Latex Outfit

Time for another blogpost!
This photoshoot took place in June 2012. I am slowly but surely sharing all of my previous experiences so that in few months I can only share new ones with you.
The designer of this classy black outfit is Sebastian Cauchos. This is not a dress as most of you might think but a separate blouse combined with a pencil skirt and gloves. I am a big ruffle fan so needless to say I am in love with this blouse - classy and cute at the same time!
Since it was a hot summer day both me and Sebastian were in the mood for some ice cream. We thought it would be cool if I go out like this and if we take photos on the streets till we get to the ice cream place. First we took some photos in the building where he was staying and then since the school which I gratuated from was nearby I  wanted to have some shots next to it and to use it as a background. The feeling of wearing latex next to my school was quite special. I have always hated that place though, I had very lonely high school years.
As usual we had all kinds of reactions from the people passing by. The interesting thing though is that when I was with Sebastian I used to get much less comments and almost no bad comments but now that I no longer work with him I get so much crap from people...
Eventually we got to the ice cream place but it was soooo hot that I was really sweating too much and it was obvious for everyone that I am boiling in my latex. However I never mind that, it actually can be a nice feeling if you think of it as nice. It is all in your head :) That ice cream shop is located exactly in the city center of Sofia and it even is on the main shopping street so we did get a lot of attention. No bad comments that day!

The one thing I don't quite like in this photoshoot are my heels...somehow they are not high enough, won't you agree? But still felt like a goddess thanks to this tight and beautiful outfit.

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  1. Marilyn I have to admit you are one of the most gorgeous lady I've ever seen. I admire you a lot <3 <3 <3

    Fritz Fischler

  2. Wonderful! Thank you Marilyn!

  3. You are a goddess!! For sure.
    I am so glad you have blogged again. I missed seeing your perfection. As a latex model, you are perfection. And I am so happy this was a special event for you; wearing latex so close to your old school. Good for you for making it a great experience.

    You make the world a better place!!
    Love you!

  4. Another excellent blog post, Marilyn!

    I guess people were intimidated by Sebastian. One wrong word and he'll have them hemmed up in a corner somewhere, apologizing quickly to you lol. Those who tend to not understand what's different comes off showing their confusion through ignorance. Don't pay them no mind, they're pinheads. I hear the best way to scare them off is asking if they went to college and have a successful career?

    I always thought that was a dress, but two pieces. Another great latex outfit you've displayed to the world. Latex fashion is slowly coming up in the public eye, mainly by celebrities. Watch, soon everyday people will be wearing latex fashion. Hey, if jogging pants can get a repackaged in leather, then why shouldn't latex be dawned, huh?

    You're doing it and when it does hit the streets, we all know that you were the first person...no, icon to wear latex as just an everyday style. Lovely pieces of latex clothing and the heels, get a small peek of your toes for once haha. If they'd were in higher, that would be nice but the more comfortable you are the better. We don't need to hear any bad news of a twisted ankle or something, then we'd be suing the city! I know a good lawyer by the way, just wear a latex pencil skirt to court and the win is in your favor!

    I wish we could of went to high school together. Trust me, I'd made those four years better for you. I might of asked you out or been friend zoned lol either way would of been cool. Hope you weren't burning up in the latex on that day. The thought of you, sweaty, naked and glistening in latex is one heck of a aphrodisiac...giggity...[looks at pants] hey, hey, easy big fella', easy!

    Sorry if my comment is too long. Hope you have a nice day (if this is read). Oh, by the way. How did you get sponsored by Honour and any sales of latex, even possible giveaways? Again, great post and great outfit. I think I seen a video of you in it. Possibly, I tried to resist and possibly failed to temptation, lube and a irresistible erection lol.


    1. Sorry for the late reply dear :)
      I get sponsored by some brands because they like my style :) It feels nice and makes me want to keep on doing what I am doing :)

  5. Heh, that poor ice cream vendor, he must have melted sooner then his product seeing you! I just wish other women are so bold and open for trying latex. Alas, one can dream.

    1. :) yeah, I am sure soon latex won't be such a tabu

  6. Very stylish and incredibly sexy. You are one hot lady :)

  7. Ah Marilyn you make my heart go boom boody-boom boody-boom boom-boom :-D