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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Most Beautiful Latex Dress Ever!

I am about to share with you the photos and story of one of the most happy and exciting times of my life. It was late August 2012, a few days after my 21 birthday. All night I couldn't sleep or eat, I was so nervous, happy and excited at the same time. I love this feeling so much...the feeling right before you do something you have never done before. Maybe for some people it is not such a special thing but ohhh, it was so special for me - getting on a plane and flying for a first time. The flight was to Amsterdam where I was going to work with Sebastian Cauchos for over a week. I remember feeling like a little kid, I was nervous and a little bit scared but sooo happy, that I wanted to jump :) Little did I know that this was just the begining of the most exiciting experience of my life so far. When I landed I got picked up by Sebastian and after some rest he took me to the city center. I was really amazed by so many things: the fact that everyone is riding a bike, how clean it is everywhere, the amazing buildings and so on. Here is a photo:
When I didn't expect that the day can get any better it actually got. While I was checking the new outfits that Sebastian has made I saw the most beautiful latex dress I have ever seen and I asked him if it is my size and if I can wear it because it is just too beautiful. He looked at me, smiled and said that this is my birthday present. I was shocked! I know some would say "it is just a dress" but for a girl with a simple life and my past it was so much more than just a dress. The fact that this man has spent so much time to create this masterpiece just for me really left me speechless. I couldn't believe it and I started crying. Of course with tears of happiness! I officially was the owner of the most amazing piece of latex! As you might expect I couldn't wait to try it on and shoot with it so here is the result:
Lets not forget the video:
Here are some more pics of my trip:

 Thank you for reading my blog post! Thank you the support! Thank you for making my life so much better!
In 2015 I want to see more happy faces, more people making their dreams come true, more love, more kindness and more latex lovers :) I hope you will keep on following my work and my adventures, the best is yet to come! Stay happy and have a great new year! ♥

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  1. Wow, just wow. Marilyn, I'm glad you experienced such a day like that. In the future, I hope more will come, some to even top that day. You turned 21, an age that's viewed as the real forefront of adulthood. You flew out and met up with the genius, Sebastian. Not only was the chemistry between you two was about to mix again, but he crafted one hell of wonderful dress for you. Latex, yes, but as you said, it's more than a dress and possibly the material due to your past (if you mind, could you mention a bit, if not I understand). I bet he felt warm inside when you started crying, probably started crying too, I probably would have!

    The dress is lovely and is a sure stand out. I remember seeing the video of you modeling it. Truly, I bet the time you spent out there was the best moments of your young life. You're only 3yrs older than me but still, we're young haha. Fantastic stills you have also. I like to see the ones of you outside of modeling, it brings a more sense of how an average woman you are. Still, you look amazing!

    Those rear shots. My god, that ASS is something! I love your figure, simply natural and you embrace it. Those cheeks and you barely see it but your nipples ;) love it lol. I hope you were completely naked beneath. Another great post, and Happy New Year. I know 2015 hasn't touched down but it will soon, especially over on your end of the world. I wish you nothing but the best and further success in your career! Who knows, I might contact you and try to setup something. I love how you response to your fans and admirers.

    -A Guy named "Glen".

    1. Thank you so much for this kind comment, Glen ♥
      Wow, you are so young, you make me feel old haha :)
      However I could never guess your age by the way you write. What a smart and respectful person!
      Have a great year :)

  2. Yes, another blog post! We've been waiting for little over a month Marilyn! Don't leave us hanging lol. ;) I remember that video, amazing like the others. After reading this post, it's meaningful. Your 21st coming (birthday) delivered you some of the best moments of your life. I don't know much about your past, but I can tell you are a fighter. By that, a person who experienced so much and not only did it develop a spectacular person and values, but a game changer for the future. I mean, besides the modeling and the sexiness. You're establishing meaning to the material of latex and giving a new insight on the fetish world!

    For 2015, I wish further success for your career. Less stress and ignorance, and not one problem for you or your family. The new year will touched down in Bulgaria before us here in the US. I hope for a SHIP LOAD more of videos and pictures from you Marilyn. I hope you do get the chance to come here to the US. It'll be an amazing adventure and experience to hear about. Oh, and the chance to see your feet more lol. They look great, I see red is your favorite color polish, hope to see some other colors like blue, green, a French styled.

    By god...those pictures are wonderful. That booty, I swear I just want to lay up, grope and put my face in it lol :D

    1. Thank you very much dear!
      Ah, aren't you a sweetheart :)
      I will do my best in 2015 to upload regularly and get better and better :)
      Thank you for the support! Means a lot!

  3. That's wonderful. One of my most satisfying moments of my life was as a United States Army Medic when I saved a soldiers life. Me this skinny kid that was picked on by everyone as a kid, I was too skinny to join the Military, took me years of knocking on door that I can make it in the Army, Finally I got a United States Congressional wavier to join the Army underweight. and I have beat doors down ever sense . 3rd week of military basic training during mail call , a drill sergeant is holding a really sexy latex bra and panties in pink and calls out my name and says . What the hell is this privet, so I reply drill sergeant. all we have is brown undies and camouflage cloths. I kind of want to feel a little sexy once in a while, so I had a friend mail it to me. I never seen it again.

    1. Well done for saving a life!
      So sorry to hear about the latex and your difficult childhood. I hope you are doing better now.

  4. Stunning simply stunning Marilyn :)
    What a gorgeous dress, love the high collar and the frills, the fit on you is superb. I think any man would be in absolute heaven if he could have the unique pleasure of taking you out wearing that dress. He could then enjoy seeing all the other mens envious glances :) Thank you so much for sharing your unique experiences it is much appreciated :) <3

    1. Thanks for the comment dear :) Happy new year

    2. A very happy and 'prosperous' new year to you and your family as well Marilyn. Looking forward to lots of new modelling shoots for you and your great videos :)

  5. Dear Marilyn,

    Having known you, online for almost 2 years, i believe you are most passionate Latex model i have ever known. The tears after receiving your birthday gift speaks about your love and passion towards your work.
    Being in India, its difficult to get access to latex here, but still i hope latex will be popular soon amongst the modelling scenario here. I will be happy if you can design or model in our traditional Indian attire called "saree".
    I am a die hard fan of yours and you are the first latex model i have ever spoke to. Your hardwork and dedication is what i appreciate always. I hope to meet you once in my lifetime to greet you and say that you are one of the best in the industry. I wish you all the best in your career and that wish that you scintillate and shine in life.


    Karina, India.

  6. Marilyn you are by far one of the most beautiful women in the world without question. You dress in such class my dear. I have to say one thing you always look fabulous when you wear those awesome boots. Oh Marilyn if I could be your man I would treat you like a queen. You are so beautiful and I am so in love with you.

    1. Aw such a sweet comment! Too bad I see it so late! Thanks a lot!

  7. Hello Marilyn
    I must say you are the most beautiful model in the world and the fact that you wear latex and heels just makes it even better!! I could stare at your ass and legs all day!! I love a woman in high heels and you walk so well in them!! This dress is incredible and congratulations on owning it
    All the best and I look forward to seeing pictures of your next photo shoot

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hello Marilyn, hello

    I will Congratulate you very much for your work as latex model. You look quite amazing in rubber and latex. You're a sweetheart. Stay with your style, the this is my world. Simple and sexy! You're beautiful you watch in rubber. Each dress is you well. Want to give you something, not money, let me surprise you, but where?

    Kind regards


    1. Thank you dear :)
      You can send me an e-mail to merymakeup@abv.bg
      Your sweet comment was a great surprise :)

  10. Wow such a beauty im in love with you perfect body you turn me on you are my dream crush i wished we could go on date someday lov you keep your work up😍😍😍😘😘😘

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