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Friday, January 2, 2015

Black Latex Stripped Top. Classy Latex and Pink heels

This is the second outfit I modelled during my first trip to Amsterdam. At first sight it might look like the top is a simple one but it is in fact one of the most complex tops that Sebastian Cauchos has ever made. All of the stripes are carefully cut and glued one by one. This shows one more time the big passion and dedication that Sebastian has when it comes to creating latex clothes. I always admire people who are so comitted and passionate.
This time I have no special story to share with you. We just picked the outfit, got these amazing shoes from a shop in the city center of Amsterdam for only 20 euro and we went to shoot in the park. Have you seen the video? Here it is:

If you like my work, enjoy my blog posts and want to treat me, here is a way to do it :)


  1. What a brilliant outfit! Very sexy, without being at all 'trashy' in any way at all. You look superb, as usual, Marilyn and a great way to start the new year :) <3
    Looking forward to more of your blogs, videos and photo shoots in 2015.
    Might have to get a spare battery for the pace maker mind you :)

  2. Forgot to mention the pink shoes they're lovely :)

  3. I never noticed the lines until now. Sebastian is the latex genius! You'll still be his OM (Original Muse). The pictures explains that day, so there's no need for a recap Marilyn. God, that latex look stunning. I do hope you were naked beneath haha. I don't know what it is about seeing you in that glamorous but sexy material. Especially when you move how the latex creases and lines against your limbs, your legs though. Plus it's super shiny, makes me rock hard lol! I'm sorry but I have stroked to you, forgive me. Can't wait to see where your career takes you this year, hopefully on more adventures and newer experiences.

    Oh, when are going to get a chance to see your English interview? You speak very excellent and your voice does have a touch of your Bulgarian flavor. I wonder when we'll see a little bit more of your feet too. Even if it's not your toes, the heel and soles of your feet. The 11th and 12th pic made me ask haha. I swear, I just want to feel that latex or put my face in that booty (2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th pic)...Giggity.