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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Black and White Latex - Classy Latex Clothes and Special High Heels

Another wonderful outfit by Sebastian Cauchos.

 White latex is always a bit special since it doesn't even look that much like latex. From my experience I've noticed that people are not so bothered when they see me wearing white latex. However I really like white latex and although it is difficult to take care of light-coloured latex outfits. I would recommend to anyone who wants to try wearing latex outside to first try with white latex. Of course I don't mean a whole catsuit but maybe a skirt or top combined with normal clothes.

I don't have a special story about this photoshoot. In fact I don't even remember much about it. All I remember is that I did it during my first trip to Amsterdam in 2012. For most of you this would not be your personal favorite because it is a different kind of fetish. I will admit it is also not my favorite but I still like it because it is classy and different.

 Enjoy :)

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  1. I love this outfit! The tightness and bottom of the skirt, the great heels and I for one love the big ruffle collar!

  2. You look beautiful as always! Thanks for posting.

  3. Another OH WOW! Simply wonderful, so elegant, great poise, you are superb again Marilyn simply superb ♡♡

  4. Do you date short guy? I'll go on a date with you wearing my latex shirt and jeans if you want to have fancy dinner with me. You look absolutely stunning Marilyn, the kind of girl I've always wanted in my life :)