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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Classy Black Latex Catsuit

Another set from my first trip to Amsterdam in 2012.

 Sebastian Cauchos is all about skin-tight catsuits so he has made this catsuit especially to my measurements. However it was still not tight enough because I was a few kilos lighter from the time he measured me.
Of course just a plain black catsuit wouldn't be special enough so he combined it with these lovely wrist and neck add-ons. They made all the differece and transformed this fetish outfit into a classy and elegant one.

Often times people tell me that they like my style when they see photos of me wearing Sebastian's designs. I regret to inform you though, that this is his style, not mine. All of our work together features his own ideas and designs. I was just his muse/ inspiration.
Ever since we don't work together people tell me that my style has changed. Maybe true but before I couldn't really express my style because I was just a model. Now I get to decide what I want to wear most of the times and I sometimes design my own outfits.

Since this is an indoor photoshoot, I don't have much to say. I spent quite some time after the shoot in this lovely catsuit, enjoying my dinner :)

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  1. Do you like it in Europe. Want to get back again to Bulgaria? Ha ha

  2. Looking very good again Marilyn it may not be 'your style' but you certainly look drop dead gorgeous in it :)
    The thing is you have the ability to look good in whoever's style you are wearing as you have 'the look' about you and the ability to carry it off. You have your 'style' of classy modelling which comes across in whatever you wear. Nothing I have seen you in ever looks 'trashy' far from it I think you always look very elegant :)
    Your own designs are excellent and you look superb in them :)

  3. charming sensual!
    gorgeous sexy!
    and breathtakingly beautiful!

  4. How many centimeters are the heels? And the plateau?

  5. Nice photo's! Nice suit! Sebastian makes His suits with care! i got one myself!! <3 it! And i still love the moment i visited him, i got cold on the way, he made me something warm to eat! Soon going to save up and hope he will make another awesome outfit!

  6. Do you ever wear heels that don't have a platform and aren't rounded toe? Why not get some So kates or Casadei blades for a change instead of the same style of heels all the time?

  7. love this cat suite , black latex is such a great colour, as it fits with everything ..

  8. very good latex catsuit. Want to ho to phil. its fun here