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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Short Latex Jeans and a Casual Pink Latex T-Shirt

This is the last set with did with Sebastian Cauchos during my first trip to Amsterdam back in 2012.

 I was a bit grumpy that day and putting on this t-shirt without a zipper was really a pain. I was not a very happy bunny especially when I saw that the t-shirt on top of everything is semi-transparent (I photoshoped it on the pics so you can't see ;) ).
However we went outside and shot with it and we also tried combining it with these ultra high heels without platforms which look amazing but are very painful. While we were shooting and I was wearing them, an old lady came by with her 2 dogs and started talking to Sebastian asking him what am I wearing. While they were talking and I was in so much pain, because I had to stand in these shoes, that it felt like they didn't stop for hours. Of course neither the woman, nor Sebastian could feel my pain so they kept on chatting and laughing for few minutes. When they eventually finished I was officially done with the shoot and didn't want to see these shoes ever again haha :)
It was a short shoot, I have to say - not my favorite but still an interesting style :)
The popular latex jeans but in shorter version were an interesting thing and sadly I just had the chance to wear them once. However I still prefer the long ones, what do you think? 

Enjoy the photos :)


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  1. Great post, Marilyn. You and Sebastian are the dynamic duo of latex, hopefully you two link up soon for more shoots. If not, maybe just to hang out with one another. Ah man, you photoshoped the pics...we wanted to see some nipples (again) lol. Not the first time and it isn't bad, but there's an understanding to it. As they say, no pain no gain, in regards to the ultra high no platform heels. Arching your feet to the MAX, if only there were some comfortable soles inside to reduce the pain, if not, have non at all. Another great set with great results - if I was there, I'd gave you a foot massage and a smoothie! Hopefully Sebastian did, you really deserved it! The latex jeans are great, long or short and that booty...enough said.

    1. THanks dear :) Unfortunatelly me and Sebastian will not work together again due to personal reasons.

  2. Very nice look! Great clothes, perfect white flat sole sky high heel, wonderful hair and high quality pics.

  3. the shoot looks great , but sorry to hear about the heels, giving you so much pain .. also sorry to hear about you not working with SC again ... .. and i love both the short and long latex jeans ... even more so , when you are wearing them .. much love and hope for more blogs .. <3

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  5. Suffering for your art a true professional Marilyn :)
    I adore that pint latex top suits you beautifully, I don't mind the shorter jeans but yes the normal longer ones do look better.

  6. Oops should be 'pink' not 'pint' got beer on the brain! :))

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