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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Latex As Everyday Wear - Classy Latex Blouse and Black Latex Skinny Jeans

This is the second and last photoshoot we did with Sebastian Cauchos on my second travel to Amsterdam in 2012. :) Wow, it has been 2 and a half years...how fast does time fly :)
I think this blouse is one of the best things that Sebastian has ever made. So classy and in the same time sexy :) And we all know that he makes the best latex jeans type trousers :) These are a bit too long for me but still good.
 The video of this shoot is the most popular video on my youtube channel and I never understood why :) If you haven't seen it, here it is:

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  1. You are a stunningly beautiful and very sexy business lady!

  2. Another lovely video Marilyn with you in an excellent outfit. That blouse is rather classy and you wear it so well :)

  3. great attitude!

  4. This photo set reminds me that I need to get some new erasers for my pencils...I don't know why ;)

  5. Dear Marilyn, I hope you will visit New York City very soon!!! I want to meet you!!! Love, hugs & infinite, xxxxxxx!!!!!!!!, always, xxxxxx!!!!!!!

  6. Marilyn! Wow! Great photos! You are very delightful woman and a big well done, keep yourself in great shape. You really are latex, he emphasizes every curve of your body fine. Continues to delight us with new clothes from latex.

    I write through Google translator)
    With love from Russia)

  7. Great outfit. Lovely body. Maybe so popular because you not wearing a bra! My oh my you look georgeous