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Calendar 2018:

 My calendar for 2018

Size approximately A3 - width 30 cm/ height 45 cm (11.81 by 17.71 inches)

13 pages: 1 cover plus 12 months

High quality print ♥ 



  1. I have been watching you since you began online...We have talked high heels before how much easier to wear a stiletto spiked platform is then a little baby heal of a 3 inch normal heel.
    You have really turned into something girl. Best in the future and be very safe. I support you anyway i can :)

  2. ...Rob......................October 25, 2015 at 11:58 AM

    Мерилин; Поздравления с adorations. :) Аз се чудех и в очакване, когато ще видя новата страница. Да запази тази кратко за сега... Нека да искам ти продължавам успех и щастие в живота! ваш, Роб

  3. Are the catsuits also wearable for guys oder just for women? And I love you Marylin, you're the best latex model so far :)

  4. April and september my favourite months! I love u Marilyn!

  5. I hope I wasn´t to late ordering your calendar 2017.
    It will be a pleasure to go thru the year with the most beautiful Model !

  6. Hi.. My name is Soeren and i am a latex-lover from Denmark... I just want to say that i really like your videos and pictures... you are so cute and beautiful!! I love you.... Kisses...