Friday, January 9, 2015

Latex T-shirt with Arabic letters combined with normal jeans

This is the third photoshoot we did with Sebastian during my first trip to Amsterdam.
When I first saw this latex t-shirt I wasn't all that excited about it. I asked what do these letters mean and Sebastian said this is how "latex" is written in Arabic. Of course I thought this is a cool idea and was happy to model it but I didn't expect that people will like it that much. However as soon as we shared some of the photos on social media, this has quickly become one of the most popular things I've ever modelled. So many people asked how they can get this t-shirt, it was really overwhelming but Sebastian stayed true to himself and didn't take a single order. He has always been making latex clothes for his own fun and collection and I find that rather different and special.
As I already said I wasn't very excited about this t-shirt and then Sebastian made it even "worse" for me by giving me normal jeans which I didn't like at all...as if this wasn't enough but I had to somehow put this t-shirt on without destroying my hair and make-up and since it doesn't have a zipper, it was really difficult and unpleasant...however I quite liked the end result and the excitement started to build up. Better late than never, right? :)
 If you haven't seen the video, here it is:


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Friday, January 2, 2015

Black Latex Stripped Top. Classy Latex and Pink heels

This is the second outfit I modelled during my first trip to Amsterdam. At first sight it might look like the top is a simple one but it is in fact one of the most complex tops that Sebastian Cauchos has ever made. All of the stripes are carefully cut and glued one by one. This shows one more time the big passion and dedication that Sebastian has when it comes to creating latex clothes. I always admire people who are so comitted and passionate.
This time I have no special story to share with you. We just picked the outfit, got these amazing shoes from a shop in the city center of Amsterdam for only 20 euro and we went to shoot in the park. Have you seen the video? Here it is:

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Monday, December 29, 2014

The Most Beautiful Latex Dress Ever!

I am about to share with you the photos and story of one of the most happy and exciting times of my life. It was late August 2012, a few days after my 21 birthday. All night I couldn't sleep or eat, I was so nervous, happy and excited at the same time. I love this feeling so much...the feeling right before you do something you have never done before. Maybe for some people it is not such a special thing but ohhh, it was so special for me - getting on a plane and flying for a first time. The flight was to Amsterdam where I was going to work with Sebastian Cauchos for over a week. I remember feeling like a little kid, I was nervous and a little bit scared but sooo happy, that I wanted to jump :) Little did I know that this was just the begining of the most exiciting experience of my life so far. When I landed I got picked up by Sebastian and after some rest he took me to the city center. I was really amazed by so many things: the fact that everyone is riding a bike, how clean it is everywhere, the amazing buildings and so on. Here is a photo:
When I didn't expect that the day can get any better it actually got. While I was checking the new outfits that Sebastian has made I saw the most beautiful latex dress I have ever seen and I asked him if it is my size and if I can wear it because it is just too beautiful. He looked at me, smiled and said that this is my birthday present. I was shocked! I know some would say "it is just a dress" but for a girl with a simple life and my past it was so much more than just a dress. The fact that this man has spent so much time to create this masterpiece just for me really left me speechless. I couldn't believe it and I started crying. Of course with tears of happiness! I officially was the owner of the most amazing piece of latex! As you might expect I couldn't wait to try it on and shoot with it so here is the result:
Lets not forget the video:
Here are some more pics of my trip:

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In 2015 I want to see more happy faces, more people making their dreams come true, more love, more kindness and more latex lovers :) I hope you will keep on following my work and my adventures, the best is yet to come! Stay happy and have a great new year! ♥

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