Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Latex Girl Next Door - Latex Cardigan and a Pencil Skirt

After my first trip to Amsterdam in 2012, I had the chance to travel to many more places such as Istanbul, Prague, London, Manchester...it was really overwhelming since it all happened in 2 months. Before that I never even dreamt of being on an airplane or going to such amazing places since I am coming from a modest family. My parents have never been on an airplane and they have never really travelled at all mainly due to lack of money and also lack of imagination. Travelling and meeting different people really helped me to start looking outside the box.
In November 2012 I went back to Amsterdam for the Dominatrix fetish party. It was an amazing experience for me to meet with so many popular fetish models, designers and in general latex lovers. It was my first time at a fetish party and since I am not a party person I have to be honest and say it was a bit too much for me.
The crowds, the loud music and the disco lighting are really not something I enjoy. On top of that I am a bit strange in  a group of many people, I never seem to find my place. At the end of the party I was feeling sad and depressed as if I am the weirdo that no one likes :) I still can't survive parties :)
Another new thing for me was to wear latex made by someone different than Sebastian Cauchos. I had to be in the fashion show for Inner Sanctum and I was so nervous because I had to open the first fashion show for the night and I had never been on a stage before :)
Here are some pics from the party:

 Before the party we did some photoshoots with Sebastian. Here is one of them:

 I also got to try a cute wig and one of the newest tops Sebastian had created then:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Short Latex Jeans and a Casual Pink Latex T-Shirt

This is the last set with did with Sebastian Cauchos during my first trip to Amsterdam back in 2012.

 I was a bit grumpy that day and putting on this t-shirt without a zipper was really a pain. I was not a very happy bunny especially when I saw that the t-shirt on top of everything is semi-transparent (I photoshoped it on the pics so you can't see ;) ).
However we went outside and shot with it and we also tried combining it with these ultra high heels without platforms which look amazing but are very painful. While we were shooting and I was wearing them, an old lady came by with her 2 dogs and started talking to Sebastian asking him what am I wearing. While they were talking and I was in so much pain, because I had to stand in these shoes, that it felt like they didn't stop for hours. Of course neither the woman, nor Sebastian could feel my pain so they kept on chatting and laughing for few minutes. When they eventually finished I was officially done with the shoot and didn't want to see these shoes ever again haha :)
It was a short shoot, I have to say - not my favorite but still an interesting style :)
The popular latex jeans but in shorter version were an interesting thing and sadly I just had the chance to wear them once. However I still prefer the long ones, what do you think? 

Enjoy the photos :)


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Friday, April 24, 2015

Red Latex Dress and Heavy Rubber with Cojac Photography

During my trip in Amsterdam in 2012 I did 2 photoshoots in one day with Cojac photography. I was very excited to work with him since he is one of the best fetish photographers. I couldn't sleep almost all night and I woke up very early to get my hair and make-up done and spent about 30 minutes practicing in front of the mirror...I know it sounds funny but I wanted to make sure that I will pose well so that I don't disappoint the photographer and to be at least close to the level of some of the other models he has worked with over the years. Here is one photo of my "mirror practice" :)

I was with Sebastian Cauchos who helped me to get to the location and also did the styling for the photoshoots.
The first outfit I wore was the dress that Sebastian gave me as a present for my 21 birthday :)
Here are some backstage photos:
 I was used to working with Sebastian but I felt so nervous working with Cojac because I was feeling like I am not good enough and that I might not do a good job. I remember even crying after the photoshoot when we left with Mr Cauchos because I felt like I failed. This inner demon is making my life difficult sometimes :)
However afterwards when I saw the final photos I was pleasantly surprised and I felt better about myself. Of course, the fact that the photographer is one of the best helped :)
Here are the photos from the first set.:
The second set was a bit more "spicy" :)
Kind of "heavy rubber" outfit :) Transparent catsuit, latex underwear on top, mask, hat and ballet boots :) If you know my work then you know that every now and then I like to try new things just for the fun of it. I enjoyed both of the photoshoots :) You decide which one you prefer :)
Here are some backstage pics from Sebastian:

Aaaand here are the actual pics:

:) I hope you have enjoyed this blogpost :)
Cojac photography's website: http://www.cojac-photography.com/
Cojac's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/coJac-photography/102708846482942?fref=ts
Sebastian's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sebastiancauchos.design?fref=ts

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