Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Going for Ice Cream in a Classy Black Latex Outfit

Time for another blogpost!
This photoshoot took place in June 2012. I am slowly but surely sharing all of my previous experiences so that in few months I can only share new ones with you.
The designer of this classy black outfit is Sebastian Cauchos. This is not a dress as most of you might think but a separate blouse combined with a pencil skirt and gloves. I am a big ruffle fan so needless to say I am in love with this blouse - classy and cute at the same time!
Since it was a hot summer day both me and Sebastian were in the mood for some ice cream. We thought it would be cool if I go out like this and if we take photos on the streets till we get to the ice cream place. First we took some photos in the building where he was staying and then since the school which I gratuated from was nearby I  wanted to have some shots next to it and to use it as a background. The feeling of wearing latex next to my school was quite special. I have always hated that place though, I had very lonely high school years.
As usual we had all kinds of reactions from the people passing by. The interesting thing though is that when I was with Sebastian I used to get much less comments and almost no bad comments but now that I no longer work with him I get so much crap from people...
Eventually we got to the ice cream place but it was soooo hot that I was really sweating too much and it was obvious for everyone that I am boiling in my latex. However I never mind that, it actually can be a nice feeling if you think of it as nice. It is all in your head :) That ice cream shop is located exactly in the city center of Sofia and it even is on the main shopping street so we did get a lot of attention. No bad comments that day!

The one thing I don't quite like in this photoshoot are my heels...somehow they are not high enough, won't you agree? But still felt like a goddess thanks to this tight and beautiful outfit.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Calmara.com - Real Girls, Real Fetish, Real Places

As you know I recently started working for the website Calmara.com. What is Calmara.com? It is a paysite with tons of photos of beautiful girls dressed in pvc, latex, leather, plastic and other fetish materials. The special thing about it is that we take our girls in public. All of our sets are shot outside showing our girls doing daily tasks and enjoying their day as usual but dressed in a sexy, unusual and fetish style. There are many, many photoshoots and videos on the website and every member has access to them. To spice things up almost each set comes with a HD video.
Many of you think I am just modelling for Calmara.com however the truth is I am one of the photographers as well as a social media manager. So if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know here or on my e-mail or facebook.
There is one question that I hear all the time when I talk about Calmara. The question is "Why do we have to pay to see the photos and videos since there are so many free ones on the internet?". Since so many people ask this question I decided to answer it here for everyone who really wants to know WHY. First of all everything that you see on the internet for "free" is not really free. Everything costs something and as we say in my country there is no such thing as free lunch. The fact that there are many places on the web where you can find similar things for free is either because they have been stolen from paid websites or because the people who run the websites benefit from ads or something else. If you didn't pay but got access to many "free" photos and videos just remember one thing - everything that you see cost a lot to the ones who did it. The cost is not only money, it is time, energy and so on. If you like what you see and you want to see more then you simply have to make your contribution.
This doesn't apply just to our website, it is a truth that many of us forget. If you get something without giving anything then someone else is giving without getting. If you think that this is a cool deal then I am afraid that you won't get much in life because what comes around goes back around.
Learn that in order to get, you must first give. I am not even talking about money now. If you want respect - give respect! If you want love - give love!
I always give as much as I can "for free" on my blog, youtube channel and so on and the main thing I am getting is a lot of love and appreciation from many of you and this is what keeps me going and makes me happy. Happiness has no price :) But have to pay the bills somehow and I have noticed that a smile rarely pay them haha :)

Here are some of my sets for Calmara.com :) I love going out with my fetish dolls, treating them as goddesses and taking photos of them :)

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Having Latex Fun in Spain

In May 2014 I went to sunny Spain to model for http://photofinca.com/ :) Most of the time I didn't model in latex but the first 2 days I had the honour to work with Cole Black for his popular website http://www.latexgirlshd.com/ so I was pretty much wearing latex aaaallll day long :) We mainly did video work rather than photos and I am really curious to see the results :) Stay tuned!
The organizer of PhotoFinca took us to many amazing locations both in Malaga and in the villages nearby. Needless to say we had great time and hopefully some great material that is on the way.
After the 2 latex days with Cole I had to model for a week for other photographers but not in latex :) However it turned out that one of them quite likes latex so we did a quick but awesome latex photoshoot.
We had a problem though! I had almost no silicone oil left so it was really difficult getting in my catsuit :) The photographer (James Bessant) was kind enough to help me so in about 20 mintues we managed to get me in the catsuit! I was already too sweaty and by the end of the photoshoot I had the feeling I am boiling in my own sweat but I am used to it and I didn't mind.
I was hoping that some from the people who follow my work with join the photographic holiday in Spain so that we can have latex shoots and a lot of fun but sadly none of you were interested enough :(
I am very grateful that I had the chance to meet and work with some very interesting and talented people. I hope I wasn't too much of a pain in the backside as I tend to be very often :)

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